A Guide to English Teaching Jobs in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has been known as one of the most prominent expat cities in Thailand. It is not only one of the biggest hubs for digital nomads, but people actually travel from all corners of the world to volunteer and teach English in Chiang Mai.

Why Chiang Mai Exactly?

Teaching English in Chiang Mai offers convenient access to modern comforts at a relatively low cost of living. The city also has a combination of nature, art, culture, history and satisfying food. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that this city has become a popular destination for TEFL teachers.

Many focus on Bangkok because it’s easier to find a teaching position there. But if you can find English teaching jobs in Chiang Mai, it can be an extremely pleasant and rewarding experience.

What You Need to Know About Teaching Jobs in Thailand for Foreigners

Requirements of Teaching English in Thailand:

To teach English in Thailand, you need a four-year dedicated degree (in a degree or more) in some major program (Bachelor’s degree) in order to be an English speaker or a native English speaker (NNES). You require a 4-year diploma.

Surprisingly, to become a teacher you do not need teaching experience, but it is highly recommended!

Relevant Training

A TEFL certificate or a certificate in TESOL are not constitutionally required for the teaching of English in Thailand, but it serves as an added advantage during the recruiting process. Earning a certificate in TESOL will allow you to differentiate yourself from other applicants with similar credentials and will allow you to handle your classroom better if you’ve never taught before.

In all honesty, a TEFL is not needed if you are trained and expect to work in an international school (where your students are good at speaking English). However, you can register for a TEFL course for virtually all other positions–especially when you don’t have previous teaching experiences with students who are not native speakers.

The non-native English classroom is a TEFL, CELTA and TESOL. A reputable TEFL business not only tests English spelling and grammar rules but also teaches you how to: build curricula if you’ve never done so before, use games to make it easy to teach vocabulary by action (TPR) stop such cultural false moves in Thai schools.

Work Permits

Some of the rewards of teaching overseas in a structured system are to take care of your visa and work permit requirements for you. The government needs a variety of prerequisites for securing a work permit, including documents and other documentation signed by the principal of the school, so more frequently than not, the school will not be diligent about taking care of this company for you.

Reasons to Look for English Teaching Jobs in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai has been one of Thailand and South-East Asia’s most famous expat cities over the past twelve years. It mixes heritage with history, music, tasty cuisine, welcoming locals and stunning scenery. Compared to most western cities, the cost of living is extremely poor. It’s hardly shocking, therefore, that this city has also become a popular destination for international TEFL students. There are a number of reasons why this is so.

Job quest diligence and determination

Teachers ought to be motivated during the career hunt. It is quick to continue to feel anxious if meetings, e-mails, and phone calls are ignored after a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, it will still pay for persistence and maturity. When I arrived 16 years ago, there were few international teachers and by the end of my first day in search of work I had met almost all of them. I’ve been watching and hoping. When I wanted to leave, my mind started to turn to my options. Yet one afternoon I returned to my guesthouse after a couple of weeks of waiting, and a letter from a school awaited me. This was an opportunity for employment. In Chiang Mai, I welcomed it and had a fantastic first year.

Availability of English language schools in Chiang Mai

Thailand has major five types of schools:

International Schools

These kinds of schools are highly competitive in terms of pay, income, and school supplies. They recruit the best-qualified professors (that is, you got a degree or the like) and, preferably, have prior experience in teaching. Themes other than English can be taught. Almost every professor is an enemy.

Private schools

Private schools have rates that are marginally higher than government schools. We favor candidates with previous classroom experience, but without or without a degree in teaching it is possible to be working. You can be able to teach other subjects other than English quite small. There are typically a small number of international teachers (over 10 people).


Whether you choose to teach English or prefer to educate adults, this is the best option. The salary is typically not that good, but you have relatively low hours a week, and you have more time to do. Foreign teachers may be available at the university to teach Specific or specialized subjects, not just English.

Language centres

Such schools are employed all year round as they usually have short courses for new students. The language centres, usually during standard 9 to 5 hours, provide basic wages and schedules. The disadvantage only people can pay for the licenses and job permits.


English Jobs in Chiang Mai are very distinct from the Western Countries. Schools here never advertise their positions, schools respect traditional dress and behaviour, and often schools recruit from third parties.

In Chiang Mai, wages are usually lower than in some other Thai regions. In most formal classes, they vary from 23 to 33,000 baht a month. But when a migrant has a lot of western food to consume and a lot of drinks to drink for the majority of days, the compensation allows such a comfortable lifestyle. A good flat can cost some four thousand–six thousand baht each month.

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