A Few Golden Travel Tips from My Ten Years of Travel

Traveling is an exciting adventure that everyone should go on at least once in their lifetime. You get to visit new places and meet new people. Traveling increases your exposure and gives you the ability to view the world from a different perspective. The way I saw the world 10 years ago was way different than the way I see it now.

Since the past decade, I have always managed to save up time and money for my travel expenses. As soon as I come back from a trip, I start planning for my next!

There is no harm in traveling either. It is a great way to step back from the chaos of life and enjoy the moment.

If you also live traveling like me but are new to this, I have some tips here that you will find useful.

Pack Less

Don’t pack everything you own. At the beginning of my travels, I had the habit of packing lots of stuff in my bag. It would weigh a lot even if my trip comprised of a few days. Slowly, I began to shake off this habit. I started to pack only what I needed. A few shirts, pants, and other basic necessities are all you are going to need for your traveling trip.

Traveling light is also quite comfortable because you don’t have to carry around a heavy bag everywhere. It is also safe because in case you lose your bag, the loss won’t be that huge.

Make Some Money While You Can

Traveling costs money, and that is a fact. No matter how much you try to save up, you will always need a little extra cash. If you are traveling to a foreign country for an extended period, there is no harm in using your English speaking skills to get some money for the trip.

Foreigners always need extra help in learning English, and you can do that. If you want to take up this task seriously, I advise you to take a TEFL course. This course will make you a better teacher. Navigate here to find out which TEFL course you should take and how much it costs.

Never Eat Near a Tourist Attraction

Tourist attractions are made for tourists, and that is why they always charge more than they should. Everything from entry tickets to food prices will be a lot more, and that is why you should avoid eating at those places. Don’t even eat at the cafes near the tourist spots because the people there will also charge more.

Try going for the local street food. Trust me, it will cost you far less, and the street food is often tastier than the fancy food in high-end restaurants.

Visit Places during Lunchtimes

Some places are so crowded that you can’t enjoy them properly and I hate it when that happens! It feels great when you have the place to yourself and you can discover it properly.

I have discovered that the tourist spots are not very crowded during lunchtimes. Most of the people are out eating lunch, and that means it is a perfect time for you to hang around peacefully!

Try these tips the next time you travel somewhere. Trust me; it will improve your entire experience!

About the Author:
After graduating in Industrial Engineering in 2007, from day one, Marcel has been working as a freelance writer, digital marketer, and business trainer. He’s very much into foreign cultures and learning languages and enjoys leaving his office for backpacking and hiking trips in the countryside. Together with his team, he blogs about teaching English as a foreign language on https://jimmyesl.com.

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