A Brief History of America’s Casino and its Subsequent Evolution

Most of us have grown up learning that casinos and gambling are nefarious elements in the society. Nothing good can ever come out of them, and we have only ever learnt to visualize them as horror stories. As responsible citizens of a country, we have been expected to steer clear of any road that leads down to a casino. But this is just a prejudiced and biased perspective, and we must know better than that. Frequenting a casino might not be the right way to make money or look for steady income, but they do have a history that needs to be read, and they have a massive contribution to the world’s economy. We shall now examine some of these points and trace the evolution of casinos in one of the world’s largest economies, the United States of America.

A Brief History:

It all dates back to 1822 when Brown’s Saloon opened near the Colorado and Wyoming border only to be removed by the state sometime in the 1900s. It was in the 1931 that casinos came back to force with much power and flair in Nevada, to the extent that Nevada regulated and legalized gambling. New Jersey soon took after Nevada in the act of legalizing gambling, and pretty soon there were several other states that joined the force.

Some Laws About Casinos In The United States:

Talking about the culture of casinos in the States is quite an elusive and complicated topic because different states have a different set of rules regarding gambling. On a more generalized note, casinos in the United States are mostly considered legal affairs, but the scenario is entirely different when it comes to sports betting. The United States of America has a federal law that forbids states from venturing into sports betting. This law also holds good in the case of online gambling. Online gambling games like the poker, lotteries and the like are permissible under the law; but anything that ventures directly into the domain of sports betting is considered to be illegal.

The First States To Regulate Online US Casinos:

Online casinos have not yet been accepted by the law in all the states. As a matter of fact, there are essentially two states that have regulated online gambling yet. Delaware and New Jersey have regulated online casinos, and both of these allow online poker. States like Nevada also allow online poker, though they might not have regulated online gambling in their entirety. The online gambling laws in the US are quite complex and reside in the grey areas as compared to the ones made for the physical casinos frequented by a large number of people from all walks of life. However, with the growing popularity of online casinos in different parts of the world, regulating them and making them legal do not seem much of a far-fetched dream anymore.

The Impediments On The Way Of Legalising Online Casinos:

With such a vast and extensively worked out legal system at play in the States, it is but no wonder that it might still take a long while before online casinos see the light of legalization. Online casinos need to be legalized the same way as any land-based casino in the US, and thus, a delay in the process is understandable. However, the process of legalizing online casinos is in the works and might materialize soon enough.


You might not be a fan of the casinos, online or in any form. But there is no refuting the fact that they have a huge contribution in maintaining the equilibrium of the economy. We are talking about a lot of money when we speak of casinos. Therefore, you must not only concentrate on the sob story that is related to casinos but also learn to look at the bigger picture. That is the only way to assume the role of a responsible citizen and stay the enlightened human being that we were all supposed to be.

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