A Beginner’s Guide to India

India is a highly diverse country, both in geographical and cultural matters. A person who travels to this diverse place for the first time might feel slightly overwhelmed and disorientated. That’s why it’s worth getting familiar with some tips and information on what to expect, how to prepare, and where to go before setting off on your journey across India.

What a first-time traveler needs to know

The first problematic issue about traveling to India is packing. Numerous first-time travelers do not know what type of clothes to take. In this matter, much depends on where exactly you plan to travel. As was already said, India is diverse not only culturally but also geographically. However, it’s safe to assume that you will need light and comfortable clothes on your journey. Don’t pack too much, as you will need to carry everything with you, but rather choose those items that can be worn separately or together – layers are always the best option. In one region of India, there might be up to even 40 degrees Celsius during summer, while in the other part of the country at the same time there might be only 20 degrees Celsius. That’s why it’s worth being prepared and having something to put on, once the temperature drops. Don’t forget to pack a shawl of some sort or anything else to cover yourself when visiting temples.

Depending on your home country, you might need to get some vaccinations or other medical precautions before visiting India. One of the diseases that might pose a threat to you and should be taken seriously is malaria. Contact your travel medicine physician and get all the shots or medicines you might need. When in India, try to avoid mosquito bites by using the right mosquito repellents.

It is also advised, especially for first-time travelers to India, to buy travel insurance. Any medical help you might need at your destination will require payments before the treatments.

When in India

Once you are in India, you might feel flooded with the diversity of everything and the richness of colors, smells, and people. If you go prepared and know that one thing you can certainly expect is chaos, then you should not get overwhelmed by it. Tourists, locals, cars, buses, vendors, and animals, all of these are pacing through the streets of India every minute, and the only choice you have is to become a part of this turmoil.

As you will be embracing the chaos of the streets in India, remember to stay safe and avoid tourist scams in India. Keep all your belonging close to your body, preferably secured in a backpack or even in a cross-body bag. When traveling through India you will need to have cash at hand at all times. ATMs operate in the major cities, but once you leave for the smaller towns, you might not find any.

When traveling through India, you will need access to the Internet, so once you get settled at your destination, make sure to acquire a SIM card for India. It will allow you to connect with the local service and use such apps as Google Maps, which might prove to be key to safe traveling. Internet connection might be useful for many other activities, from looking up the available attractions to killing some time when on the road. No matter if you want to listen to an audiobook or play at the best online casinos in India, you will need a safe and stable Internet connection. In the case of the online games at casinos, you will additionally need VPN protection and preferably a piece of antivirus software. Always remember to choose platforms that ensure the best and safest entertainment from any place in the world, just like Asiabet. You can be sure that it offers only tried-and-tested options that fulfill even the most rigorous criteria to keep the players secure.

When discovering India, remember to respect the local culture, and adjust to the rules of certain areas, especially when they are stricter and more conservative than the other parts of the country. Try to engage with locals, have a taste of the Indian cuisine, and don’t forget to bargain.

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