9 Ways To Deal With The Overwhelming Feeling Of Being Scared Or Anxious

Telling someone to “calm down” when they start to feel scared, anxious, nervous or worried is the last thing that helps– really! Not only does this tactic never work, but there are nine much better ways to handle any anxiety-filled situation:

1. Learn To Just Breathe

Breathing is a simple and natural part of life, but learning how to mindfully breathe can help calm your racing thoughts. The technique known as 4-7-8 can work wonders. Here is how to do it:

-For four seconds, quietly breathe in through your nose.

-Hold your breath for seven seconds.

-For eight seconds, forcefully exhale through your mouth.

2. Close Your Eyes And Count!

It may seem silly, but closing your eyes and counting really does work well. Count to 10 or just about any number! By focusing on counting numbers for a few minutes, you will have the ability to control your racing thoughts.

3. Keep Chewing Gum

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that slowly and deliberately chewing gum can help cope with anxiety? The chewing motion helps keep blood flowing to the brain while keeping yourself level headed during a particularly stressful time. Plus, having gum will prevent you from grabbing alcohol or unhealthy snacks.

4. Laugh With A Friend

Reach out to a close friend or family member who has a good sense of humor. Laughter will release feel good hormones or endorphins and instantly boost your mood.

5. Engage In Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy candles or a calming bath of essential oils can help calm a nervous mind. Lavender, chamomile, citrus, and rose are all fantastic options that have a pleasantly calming effect. SImilary Zoetic CBD can help you to reach a state of relaxation

6. Pet Your Cat Or Dog

If you have a dog or a cat, spending ten minutes petting them can help your mental health. Plus, science tells us that this reduces your stress hormones! Here are some good tips to relax.

7. Enjoy Relaxing Music

Give yourself a relaxing soundtrack or meditation music you can listen to. Avoid anything with heavy bass or pumping beats. The idea is to calm down and become more mindful of the situation that you’re in. If you have anything you like singing along to, all the more reason to listen!

8. Get Out And Exercise

Daily exercise, even just for 15 minutes can work wonders for your mind and body! A brisk walk or some jumping jacks can help you clear your mind of all of the things that are bothering you. If you’re stuck in an office building, consider walking up and down the stairs.

9. Exercise Your Spiritual Self

Figure out what makes you feel calm and engage in it. Some people swear that yoga is the way they relax, but others may find solace in journaling, getting a professional massage or visiting a salon.

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