9 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

The number of lawyers across the country is expected to increase by 6% between 2018 and 2028. That’s 50,100 additional lawyers available. When you need to choose the one lawyer to work on your case, it can feel like a challenge to find the right individual.

Keep reading to discover the nine questions to ask a lawyer before you hire them.

By asking these questions, you can find an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who is capable of winning your case.

Otherwise, you could end up with someone who lacks the experience you need. Keep reading to discover the questions you should ask before searching for a “personal injury lawyer near me.”

1. What’s Your Experience With My Type of Case?

Don’t assume the first attorney you speak with has the experience you need. Even if they call themselves an injury claim lawyer, you want to make sure to call Injury Lawyers Direct and that they’ve worked on a case similar to yours. After all, you can break the title “personal injury lawyer” into numerous subcategories.

First, gauge their know-how by asking about their experience. What were the results for the cases they worked on?

Then, get more specific. If your case involved a slip-and-fall injury, that’s the type of lawyer you need to look for. You don’t want to work with an auto accident lawyer who has no experience with slip and falls.

Accident and injury lawyers work on many different cases, including:

Auto accidents
Assault and battery
Animal bites
Medical malpractice
Product liability

You can even break these categories into deeper sub-categories. For example, medical malpractice involves surgical errors, misdiagnosis cases, and birth injuries.

While some personal injury lawyers handle a mixed bag of cases, some prefer to specify. Make sure the personal injury lawyer you chose has experience with your type of case. That hands-on experience could make or break your case.

2. How Much Courtroom Experience Do You Have?

Once you find a lawyer who has plenty of experience with your type of case, make sure they have courtroom experience. Most civil cases never go to trial. However, you still want to find an attorney who has experience going to trial and verdict.

Even if you find an experienced lawyer, they might lack the necessary courtroom experience. That missing element could hurt your case. Even a skilled lawyer needs that experience to win in a courtroom.

That missing courtroom experience could even indicate the attorney is afraid to go to court. They might worry about ruining their track record as well.

Don’t choose an attorney who seems apprehensive about going to court. That type of lawyer might even take a lower settlement if it means they can avoid going to trial.

Ask the lawyer about their courtroom experience. Make sure they have your best interests in mind throughout the entire journey of your case.

3. What’s Your Track Record?

Did you know 5.8 million people die every year as a result of their injuries? Personal injury claims are a big deal. If you sustain an injury, you want to find a lawyer who can get you the compensation you deserve.

Look for a personal injury lawyer who is capable of winning your case. Using these questions to ask a lawyer, you can find a lawyer with that ability.

Don’t forget to ask about the lawyer’s success rate.

How many cases that are similar to yours have they won in the past? How many of those cases were recent? While an attorney might have years of experience, it’s their wins that matter most.

Choose someone who will expect every case to go to trial. Those lawyers will prepare in every way possible. Otherwise, your lawyer might lack the preparation you need to succeed.

4. Who Will Work on My Case?

As you speak with different law firms, it’s important to ask who will handle your cases. The first person you speak to won’t necessarily work your case in the future.

Once you know who is working on your case, ask about their experience. Is a less experienced associate handling your case? If so, ask if a partner or more experienced lawyer will supervise them.

On the fence about hiring a personal injury attorney? Consider exploring these reasons before making your decision.

5. Are You Part of Any Legal Organization?

There are national and state organizations for lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims. Among them includes the American Association of Justice.

Try to find a lawyer who belongs to one of these organizations. A lawyer who is a member of one of these organizations is likely lobbying for the rights of clients like you. They might also sponsor legal publications or educational programs.

Finding a member of one of these organizations can strengthen your case.

6. Are You Board-Certified?

Ask the lawyer you’re interested in if they’re board certified. Their certification can indicate they have the specific experience needed to win your case.

Look for a lawyer who is board-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

A board-certified lawyer with this certification will have extensive courtroom experience. They’ll also have plenty of experience preparing for trails. Attorneys with this certification need to pass an all-day exam before learning this certification.

7. Can I Speak With Previous Clients?

Don’t hire a lawyer until you speak with some of their previous clients.

Ask the lawyer if you can contact a few references. Don’t rely on the material that’s posted on their website. These reviews are often hand-picked and edited.

Instead, speak with a client over the phone yourself to learn more about their experience working with the attorney.

8. How Much Will I Get If I Win?

The lawyer you speak with likely won’t have a specific answer to this question. However, they should provide you with a rough estimate. Look for an attorney who is honest about their expectations for your case.

If they guarantee a win, look elsewhere.

9. What Are Your Fees?

Before you hire an attorney, make sure to ask about their fees. Some attorneys will only ask you to pay if they win your case. Others will ask for a third of what you recover.

Make sure you understand what you’re paying for before you sign a contract.

Get Yourself in Order: 9 Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before You Hire Them

It’s time to get yourself in order. With these questions to ask a lawyer in hand, you can make sure you find the best person for your case. Their experience and expertise can make all the difference with your personal injury claim.

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  1. My mother is planning to hire a personal injury lawyer because she got into a car accident, and this caused tremendous damage to both of her legs. Well, I agree with you that the chosen lawyer should be experienced in terms of handling car accidents. Of course, we’ll also keep in mind to consider someone that has experience going to trial and verdict.

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