9 Actionable Tips for Nervous Travellers


Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life to see the world sounds heavenly in theory. But for some people, the mere idea of stepping out of their comfort zone and navigating to an unfamiliar place can be anxiety-inducing.

Is your anxiety keeping you from taking a vacation and exploring new places? In this post, we’re sharing some useful tips to calm your nerves and actually enjoy your time off. Take a look.

1. Don’t Be Dismissive

Don’t be dismissive of your anxious feelings. It’s no secret that traveling is a stressful activity. So it’s only normal to feel anxious about things that might be out of your control. Rather than burying these emotions, it’s imperative that you acknowledge them. How else are you going to overcome these fears?

2. Identify Your Stressors

Does the idea of getting on a plane scare the crap out of you? Do you perpetually worry about missing your flight? Are you concerned about misplacing your luggage? Identifying your stressors is important to find effective solutions.

If you are a nervous flyer, look for an alternative mode of transportation. Or try practicing the relaxation techniques mentioned below. To ensure you don’t miss your flight, make it a habit to get to the airport sooner than required. You can avoid misplacing your luggage by packing lightly and properly labeling.

3. Do Your Research

Your anxiety may be stemming from the fact that you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place. But luckily you have access to the Internet. You can learn everything there is to know with quick online research. From well-curated travel vlogs to Outer Banks visitor guide, you can easily get your hands on useful material.

4. Invite a Friend

Keeping track of bookings and navigating a new place can be quite overwhelming. But who said you have to do it alone? A travel companion can make the experience easier and a lot more enjoyable. And you’ll have someone to click great pictures for your Instagram. It’s a win-win.

5. Print Contacts, Directions, etc

Most of us are heavily dependent on our smartphones for directions, contact, and other information. Therefore, your phone breaking down in a strange city might be your worst nightmare. That’s why we suggest printing out important contacts, directions and so on beforehand.

6. Pack Meticulously

Being a nervous traveler, the last thing you want to do is forgetting to pack your earphones. So, don’t make the mistake of leaving packing to the last minute. Prepare a detailed checklist to ensure you’re bringing all the necessities.

7. Connect with a Local

If you are planning to travel alone, you should get in touch with a local. Ask your friends and family if they know someone living in the city you’re traveling to. Knowing a local is comforting, especially in case of emergencies.

8. Make Necessary Arrangements

Many people worry about leaving behind pets, kids, or work. As far as pets or kids are concerned, you should ask someone you completely trust to look after your little ones. It would also be helpful to talk to them over video calls every day.

If you are too concerned about work, rest assured that your manager will inform you about any important changes. Otherwise, your office knows that you are on vacation and, thus, unavailable.

9. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing exercises can do wonders for calming your mind. Listening to music is another thing that can help you in stressful situations. If flying makes you nervous, make sure you download your favorite movies, music, and books to occupy your mind.

Final Words

Hopefully, these tips ease up your nerves for your next trip. However, if your anxiety is severe and persistent, it would be worthwhile to speak to a professional.

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