8 Top Things to do in Tasmania

From Rainforests to glaciers, volcanic rocks, waterfalls, mountains, snow, you name it and Tasmania has got it. Hidden away from the eyes of the world is a paradise that everyone should explore in their lifetime. With fresh air and a naturally diverse world, Tasmania has a range of adventures you can undertake to make the most of its splendid outdoors, especially its variety of environment types. There has never been a more majestic and exquisite location than the wonderful world of Tasmania.

The compact size of the island state, makes it an ideal road tripping destination. You can organize a car, or hire a campervan from Hobart or Launceston. Because of the convenience of a campervan, providing accommodation and transport, it is one of the most popular methods of exploring this one-of-a-kind destination.

To help with your road trip itinerary plans, here are 8 top things to do in Tasmania.

Mount Wellington

The best thing about a small Island like Tasmania is that sightseeing is super easy as everything is within proximity. Day trips are therefore popular and a great way to experience a multitude of locations. One of the popular choices is Mt Wellington.

Fewer cities can equal the natural and incredible backdrops of Tasmania, especially that of the towering Mount Wellington, which rises 1271 meters above the city of Hobart. The mountain is a part of daily life, but is also a key place to visit, take pictures and even build a snowman as it snows quite regularly, often year round, on the top. The Tasmania climate is very similar to that in New Zealand.

It is a 30-minute drive from the CBD to the summit. The first thing you will do on this first part of the day trip is take in the breathtaking views; there are boardwalks and lookout platforms to complement the experience. You can also walk along the mountain to the organ pipes and take pictures of the birds-eye view over Hobart and beyond.

Mount Field

Mt Field national park is a splendid place to visit on your Tasmania road trip. The stunning natural flora surrounds you as you enter the park, offering a changing landscape, especially as you climb to higher altitudes. It’s known as the park for all seasons, and is part of the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area. It is home to eucalypt forests, as well as a unique array of alpine vegetation. It also boasts glaciated landscapes, cascading waterfalls and rainforest floors.

The waterfalls are a spectacular experience, with a trio of waterfalls on the lower slopes. The three-tiered Russell falls and are a great way to embrace the wilderness, and a perfect photo opportunity.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong is a sanctuary for wildlife where environmental issues are addressed for wildlife and is a chance to come closer than ever to something wild and fragile, therefore coming face to face with animals thought to be extinct in other parts of Australia and are working hard to protect now.

With a basic sanctuary admission, you can visit the sanctuary for the day and see the animals and join one of the tours. They will also give you a bag of kangaroo food so you can feed and scratch the kangaroos that are wandering around the complex. You can also experience the feeding frenzy on a day or night tour.

Stay back and enjoy the night tour feeding group where you will have an opportunity to interact, hand feed, and witness how the nightlife of these Aussie animals works. There is even a premium 3-hour night tour as well which will be accompanied by sparkling wine or juice as you observe the nocturnal wildlife in their natural waking hours.


Head on to Richmond and step back in time to a slower colonial Georgian architecture town. When you arrive in this splendid sandstone village, walk on Australia’s oldest bridge, visit the oldest roman catholic church in the state, feed the ducks by the river bank, explore and wander song the cobbled streets, and take home so homemade delicious treats such as the lollies from the traditional sweet shop, or even better, learn about the convict history and the oldest intact Gaol in Australia.

The Gaol is a building from the convict era and was built before Port Arthur with gang sleeping quarters, a female solitary confinement room, a flogging yard, and a cookhouse. And stop at a classic Australian pub for a nice meal to finish the day.

Bruny Island

One of Tasmania’s most iconic tourist destinations, Bruny Island is a scenic place with beaches, rocky coastlines, beaches, national parks, flora, and fauna you name it, and is accessible only by ferry. You can drive with your campervan on the Ferry and experience a huge variety of activities.

The island provides a spectacular experience. From gourmet food, to sightseeing… visit the southernmost lighthouse in Australia, and experience a private tour while taking pictures of the bright and lush scenery that looks out into the crystal blue sea beyond. Enjoy a delicious lunch of the local Tasmanian produce and product tasting such as oysters, cider, fudge, chocolate and honey.

Bruny Island is a great way to see a Huge part of Tasmania’s natural world.

Maria Island

The Islands of Tasmania are unique and filled with abundant wildlife and plant life

That is simply stunning. Maria Island is among these precious jewels and one way you can explore this goldmine is on the unique day cruise and walk. This incredible experience will take you on a journey around the entire coastline of Maria Island ad you’ll explore places like the Ile Des Phoques and the Iceland of Seals or you will head north to a remote granite island where you can visit the playful seals and explore the granite sea caves, which a classed as natural wonders. You will also visit the renowned painted cliffs before docking at Darlington.

Have a gentle walk of Maria’s world heritage-listed convict settlement, stepping back in time to continue or discover the colonial history of Australia. There will also be a huge buffet lunch, featuring great Tasmanian food, juice, tea and coffee, all provided on board.

Port Arthur

One of the final and most historical outdoor/indoor experiences in Tasmania is the Port Arthur full-day tour. Discover Tasmania’s infamous convict history as well as the natural site with breathtaking views on the water and off it also includes pick up and drop off from your Hobart accommodation. You will uncover the infamous convict pat and admire breathtaking natural wonders around the site. You will be guided by a professional friendly team members and this package includes the wonderful harbour cruise.

Walk in the footsteps of a convict as you hear the stories of their gruelling past and the unforgiving environment from your guide. At our first stop, you will take in spectacular sweeping views of Pirates Bay before observing the handiwork at Tessellated pavements. You will then reach the Historical site ad have an introductory tour of the grounds and harbour cruise before having the opportunity to explore the site at your own pace

As you explore you will discover ruins of the old church where mandatory religious services were undertaken, the complex museum where the daily personal life occurred and their stories and routines which are recorded of the convicts there, the asylum ruins which have been restored also exist along with the lodges of the captain’s house all of which had recorded the horrendous experiences or lives of these historical figures.

The Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise

Exploring Tasmania by water is an up close and personal experience and is worth the trip and price; the rich wilderness offers many wildlife and spectacular water views as a result.

The Tasman Peninsular has some of Tasmania’s most remote and beautiful coastal sceneries on this cruise between Port Arthur and Eagle-Hawk neck. With your guide, you can admire unrivalled views over the rugged coastline, and gaze upon the vertical glacial sea cliffs.

Discover sea caves, spot soaring eagles above, and frolicking dolphins and seals below, in their natural habitat. As you embark on this cruise, you will set sail beneath the vertical sea cliffs located at Cape Pillar, and discover waterfalls, rock formations, natural archways, and deep sea caves.

You will then cruise the coastline which is part of the Tasman national park and discover the home of a diverse range of wildlife – such as hundreds of seals, migrating whales, and an abundant seabird population. You can see the feeding frenzy of diving gannets, albatross and sea eagles wheeling on the wind, cliff-nesting cormorants and peregrine falcons.

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