7 Things To Consider While Choosing An Airport Shuttle Service

Airport shuttle services make travelling a whole lot easier.

Whether you are going on a business trip or on a vacation with your family, you can easily get to and from the airport with the help of an airport shuttle service.

They are also a much better option compared to hiring a taxi last minute which can be quite expensive and less reliable.

Given below are a few things you should consider while choosing an airport shuttle service.

1. Experience

It is important to choose airport shuttle services which have at least a few years of experience under their belt.

Avoid hiring inexperienced shuttle services even if their rates are much cheaper. You might experience problems like a late driver who doesn’t know the right directions to your place.

If the driver is inexperienced, your safety will be compromised.

Before you hire an airport shuttle service, go to their website to find out how much experience they have.

Choosing an experienced shuttle service will make your travel safe and convenient even if it means paying a few extra dollars.

Cancun Shuttles have been providing Cancun Shuttle services for over 10 years. They work with experienced drivers who will make sure you get to your location safely and on time.

2. Reputation

One way to determine the reliability of an airport shuttle service is by checking their reputation in the industry.

Is the company well known for providing shuttle services in your desired location?

Do they have good reviews and ratings from their customers?

Conduct a thorough research of the shuttle service company to check whether they are trusted and reputed.

Go through the customer ratings to know whether the services have met their customer’s expectations.

If they have a stellar reputation along with great reviews, you can confidently go for that shuttle service company.

3. Budget

Not every airport shuttle service is going to charge the same for their shuttle services.

A more experienced and established shuttle service is more likely to charge a higher fee for the same service.

While it is important to choose a well reputed service, make sure the service fee is within your budget.

At the same time, avoid hiring services which charge you an extremely low fee. Such services are usually inexperienced or haven’t been in the industry for a sufficient length of time.

4. Personal Requirement

One of the most important things you should consider while choosing an airport shuttle service is to make sure they offer services which cater to your needs.

Let us say you need transportation for a group of ten people. Some airport shuttle services don’t offer transportation for ten people so you should find one which does in your desired location.

Cancun Shuttles offer shuttle services for groups as large as 16 people. So if you are a large family who requires a shuttle service, you can consider their ‘Group Cancun Shuttle’ service.

5. Comfort

If your only requirement is to reach your destination, you can go for a normal shuttle service which charges an affordable fee.

However if you want to travel comfortably in a more luxurious setting, you can go for shuttle services which provide luxury shuttle services.

Cancun Shuttles offer both luxury and private Cancun Shuttle options.

6. Pre-booking

It is always recommended to book a shuttle service a few weeks earlier or at least a few days before your trip.

Most professional and well reputed shuttle services book up very early so make sure you book well in advance.

7. Insurance

Never hire an airport shuttle service which is not insured.

Make sure the service you choose is insured and if you are doubtful, ask for proof of insurance.

In case of an accident, the insurance will pay for damage and any medical bills which might arise.


Make sure the airport shuttle service you hire is reliable and easily accessible. Do thorough research and check for proper credentials in order to ensure an easy and stress free journey.


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