6 Tips To Abide By When Travelling To India For The First Time

So, you finally took the plunge to travel to India! (Yayy!)

Diverse, Beautiful, Exotic, Culturally Rich, Overwhelming, Crowded, Bamboozling… The country is all of these combined and a lot more.

Are you thrilled already? Great!

We just thought we’d help make your trip smooth and comfortable by enhancing your knowledge a bit about the country and its happenings.

Let’s get started already.

1. Prefer taxis over autos

Okay, here’s the first tip.

In India, always prefer taxis over autos whenever possible.

Here comes the harsh truth… Because most auto drivers there shall easily con you into paying more than the ideal cost of the trip.

Go for taxis as they usually have a fixed rate and are far more comfortable. Plus, you’ll be saved from the dust and pollution of the city you’re in!

P.S. There are Uber taxis available in a few parts of the country, usually the metropolitans. Do some research about this and the prices too before you head there and you’ll be good to go.

2. Loose clothing for the summer months and nothing else

We mean it.

The temperature in most parts of the country, especially North India and South India, reaches at least 45 degrees Celcius. And, not to forget the humidity too. It’s literally insane!

So, make sure you carry comfortable cotton clothing and nothing else. Avoid any other fabrics, especially polyester. It’s your enemy in the scorching heat!

However, if you are travelling to either Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh, you can expect pleasant weather. Do carry a warm piece of clothing along as it gets chilly during the nighttime there.

P.S. DO NOT forget the sunscreen. It is imperative if you want to prevent any unnecessary tans.

3. Maintain distance from animals and never feed them

Well, there are two main animals that you’ll come across roaming freely in the streets, and these are cows and dogs.

If you’re tempted to click a picture or two of it, please go ahead. But, refrain from being those obnoxious tourists who get too close to the animals and disturb them in any way.

This is especially true in the case of cows in India. Please bear in mind that they are harmless and are considered to be holy so, no unpleasant behaviour against them shall be tolerated.

On the other hand, you need to maintain distance from the dogs too, because not all of them are friendly. So, skip the idea of feeding them anything in case it crosses your mind.

4. Carry basic toiletries

When in India, it’s always for your own best to have basic toiletries like paper soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer in handy. The public toilets in some places are treacherous so keep yourself safe.

Prevention is better than cure, right?

5. Dressing modestly is the key

With modestly, we mean to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and legs. Because the people in India are conservative and expect women to dress inappropriately. This is mainly considered to be offensive on religious places like temples and gurudwaras.

However, when in your hotel room, you may dress as you please.

6. Rent accommodation

Did you know the practice of renting a property for vacation is widely common across various parts of the world? Especially, if we look at Europe, there is an extensive range of beautiful villas and apartments for holiday in countries like Spain, the island of Ibiza (known for its amazing nightlife scene), Portugal, Italy to name a few.

The good news: It is popular in India too. You can get your hands on some premium, well-maintained, luxurious villas (if budget’s not an issue for you) both in the mountainous and coastal regions.

So, book a sought-after accommodation a month or two prior to visiting India especially if you are travelling in the peak season. Chances are, they might already be booked!

These are some of the most important things to be taken care of when visiting this culturally rich land. Follow them, and you’ll be assured of one of the most memorable experiences. Happy travelling!

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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