6 Tips for Planning Your First Vacation Since 2019

Travel stood at a near-complete halt since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Since then, the world is slowly returning to normal, and the first thing that many people want to do is take a vacation. After months and months of staying cooped up at home, who can blame them?

If this describes your current situation, it’s important to know what goes into planning a post-pandemic vacation. There is more that travelers have to consider when planning a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the time of your life.

Before you book your airfare and check in to your hotel, look into these suggestions to help your trip go smoothly:

Consider the Destination Less Traveled

Even with restrictions lifting, social distancing is still a factor when picking a vacation spot. Instead of traveling to a crowded place, like a large metropolitan area, consider visiting destinations in smaller population centers, like a beach town, the countryside, or a national park. These destinations will not only be less crowded, but they will also be safer.

Check Travel Regulations

Before picking up your passport, make sure to check the travel advisories for your destination. Make sure to know if your destination requires visitors to be vaccinated. Some countries still have strict rules in place that may include a quarantine period upon arrival. If a COVID-19 test is required before you board your plane, ensure that you schedule a test with enough time to have results ready for your flight. Even within a country, different regions may have different rules in place, so research accordingly.

Boost Your Immune System

Vaccinations are now broadly available worldwide to protect people from COVID-19; however, there are still several other illnesses like the flu that could put a wrench in your travel plans. Consider taking immune support vitamins before you leave and throughout your trip. Preparing your immune system is a step you can take early in advance of your journey, even if you’re already vaccinated. Having a healthy immune system will prepare you for the unexpected and help you ward off any illnesses that could be confused for COVID-19.

Make Reservations

Social distancing guidelines have had a significant impact on seating capacity in restaurants and other venues. With great demand and limited capacity, travelers need to plan and secure reservations. Seating at restaurants is now more limited than before, meaning that wait times are longer, or getting a table may be impossible. Spend less time worrying by securing your seats ahead of time.

Stock Up on PPE

The last year has made people around the world familiar with face masks and other forms of personal protective equipment. Some areas still have strict laws about wearing masks while using public transit, and several businesses will require face coverings for entry into their establishments. Make sure you are ready with a supply of masks for your trip. Also, carry a travel-size hand sanitizer with you for situations where washing your hands isn’t immediately available. Having a pack of sanitizer wipes on hand also makes contact with unknown surfaces a safer process.

Book Early

Today is not too early to plan your vacation. With destinations and services in high demand, it’s better to get a head start and make sure that your destinations are available for you to enjoy to the fullest. Booking too late may have serious financial consequences, especially if travel regulations change last minute and you are unable to get a refund for your tickets or lodging. Booking earlier gives you the flexibility to make changes well in advance should they be necessary and will provide you with a sense of security.

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