6 Things You Must-Do at Marina Bay

What was one quite a dull and underwhelming landscape has now turned into, arguably, the most mesmerizing skyline in the world? The Marina Bay area of Singapore is now home to the 6th largest hotel in Asia, the Marina Bay Sands and it will definitely take you more than a few moments to take in the beauty of this marvel. The iconic architecture resembles a mammoth ship suspended at the height of 200 meters (656 feet) above three matching skyscrapers.

The Sands is quite the epitome of luxury with its infamous sky high swimming pool, casino – which was the world’s most expensive casino at the time of its inauguration in 2010, sprawling shopping malls and theatre all under its roof. However, if you do not wish to blow your coins on staying in this luxurious abode, then here are 10 other crazy fun things you should definitely try in Marina bay. The area is bustling with entertainment, culture, shopping destinations, eateries and restaurants serving some lip-smacking local and fusion cuisine and some iconic places that will give you some envious Instagram worthy snaps. So, in short, spending at least a day at Marina Bay is a must if you are visiting Singapore. And, here are the 6 things you should do when you are there.

1. Explore the Gardens By the Bay

The Gardens sits like a delicate bubble of greenery and fresh air amidst the concrete kingdom of Singapore and you ought to check it out because this one is far from your average city garden and parks. It can take your entire day if you wish to explore this waterfront nature-park thoroughly, but if you are in a rush, then head over strait to the highlights of this garden – the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Supertree Grove.

The cloud forest is a special greenhouse which imitates the climate of endangered tropical highlands and its variety of rare foliage and flowers veiled in the haze of mist will transcend you to a mystical place you will not forget.

The Flower Dome, as you might have guessed already, is a gigantic biodome bursting with colours from rare flowering plants from all over the world. A dream come true for every flower lover. And, definitely a better gift than a bouquet to your significant other.

Witness a true spectacle of man’s creativity and phenomenal architecture at the Supertree Grove. There is a bunch of 18 fantastical metal structures which serve as vertical gardens soaring at 30 to 50 meters. Each of the structures is covered completely with flowering trees. These towering Supertrees generate solar power, act as air venting ducts and harvest rainwater and are a vision straight out of a fantasy fiction at night when they light up in the hues of blue and purple.

2. Get high with the Singapore Flyer

Get a bird’s eye panoramic view of the Island and its stunning skyline but in luxurious comfort. Singapore’s answer to the London Eye is the Singapore Flyer standing at 165 meters. The giant observatory wheel has 28 air-conditioned capsules dangling around it which can accommodate 28 riders at a time and does a steady climb and descent which takes 30 minutes.

3. Visit the ArtScience Museum

This structure is shaped like an outstretched hand or perhaps a lotus but is definitely a spectacle both inside and outside. Sitting at the waterfront in the shadows of the Marina Bay Sands; this structure houses over 20 gallery spaces, which showcase ever-changing pieces of art ranging from Dali to Harry Potter. The museum is a refreshing blend of contemporary art with modern design and technology.

Right adjacent to the ArtScience Museum, Singapore turn into to a spectacle of bright fluorescent lights and jutting waters dancing to the tunes of melodies in the Spectra Light Show at the Marina Bay. It is a sight to behold and what more? You can cherish the exquisite sight free of cost.

4. A photo-shoot with the Merlion

You simply cannot leave Singapore without a couple of decent pictures of yourself with the official Mascot of Singapore which graces most of its postcards. The Merlion is a creative imagination of a mermaid with a lion’s head. The enormous, pristine white 70-ton sculpture is built out of concrete and is engineered to eject a gushing stream of water out of it. The body of the fish or mermaid signifies the Island’s origin as a fishing village while the head of the Merlion represents the original name of Singapore – Singapura- which translates roughly to the “lion city”.

5. Roll your coins at the Marina Bay Sands Casino

Soak in the vibe of Vegas without having to travel all across the globe to the other side. The Marina Bay Sands promises to give you a look and feel of the “Sands” from Vegas with is glamorous, glitzy hallways and an outstanding seven-ton chandelier featuring more than 130,000 glittering Swarovski crystals under which lay over 600 table games and over 2500 slot machines and electronic table games. If you are not comfortable risking your luck gambling yourself, then just have a good time watching the intense betting games that goes on in here or play small. You can obviously take a quick break and indulge in some great food or some soul repairing shopping therapy.

6. Get an adrenaline rush at the Singapore Grand Prix

If you are a lover of speed, then you ought to visit Singapore during the second month of September when the Marina Bay area literally comes alive as the Formula One Grand Prix takes over its streets. Singapore’s Marina Bay has an incredible circuit elongating for 3.14 miles, adding up to a total length of 192 miles when all 61 laps are accounted for. The circuit takes the drivers through few of Singapore’s best tourist places, and right by the new Formula One pit building.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online and book yourself a memorable trip to Singapore without burning a hole in your pocket by choosing the right stay and travel.

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