6 Essential Tips When Going to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in S.E Asia. People visit the country to see various historical monuments, wildlife, unique landscape and enjoy a variety of foods. You need to prepare and research everything from where to stay to plumbing services before going to this country. Here are some tips you should know when visiting Malaysia.

1)     Safety and currency

Safety is the first thing you should keep in mind when visiting another country. Malaysia is one of the safest countries to visit in S.E Asia. However, when you are in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur, avoid dark corridors at night since there is no urban center without petty crime. Don’t expose expensive jewelry and other valuable items when walking on busy streets. It is also advisable to keep your camera in the bag instead of hanging it around your neck. These safety tips will prevent you from being targeted by snatchers and pickpockets.

When it comes to money, there is no need to have lots of cash with you since it will be a great loss if someone snatches your wallet, handbag or briefcase and disappears. Plan your trip early and you should consider converting your money into local currency for smooth transactions when paying your bills. You might consider carrying your credit card to avoid frustrations in case you run out of money.

2)     Select your food carefully

Malaysian food is a mixture of Indian and Southeast Asian foods. Some foods tend to be very spicy since they are prepared with a lot of ingredients. Some foreigners find it difficult to eat foods that contain a lot of pepper or other spices. If you have problems with your stomach, select your food carefully to avoid stomach upset or getting ill after eating something that you’re not used to.

There are several world class hotels that offer a wide range of local and foreign foods which you can sample. A hotel like the one available at https://bagasi.my/hotel-di-terengganu/ offers high-quality services and allows you to order food which is available in your country. This allows individuals with stomach problems to select foods which they are used to.

3)     Health and immunizations

Just like most countries, Malaysia requires visitors to have documents that prove that they have been vaccinated against some diseases. It is recommended that you get vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, Typhoid and tetanus. If you intend to stay in Malaysian for several weeks or months, you might consider vaccination against Hepatitis B, rabies and other diseases.

4)     Prepare your travel documents early

Visitors from most countries need a Malaysian visa and other travel documents to be allowed in the country. So once you have decided the best time to Visit Malaysia be sure to take into account that the time taken to process the visa varies from country to country. Therefore it is a good idea to process your visa 2 weeks earlier. This allows you to provide all necessary paperwork and fix any problems that might arise on time.

Just like traveling to Singapore, there is no need to obtain a Malaysian visa if you are from North America, Australia, South Africa, and most European countries. However, your stay is limited to about 90 days, but it varies depending on your nationality.

5)     Customs

You should check the immigration website or make a call to confirm if what you want to carry is allowed in the country. Malaysia doesn’t allow foreigners to carry souvenirs, cosmetics, soaps and perfumes worth more than RM 200. This information is important since you might have to leave your luggage at the checkpoint if you carry unwanted items. Don’t carry simple items that are readily available in Malaysia since you’ll waste time at the checkpoint.

6)     Use GRAB or UBER

Most local drivers refuse using the meter after a short ride and they often overcharge foreigners. This is one of the main problems visitors encounter in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur. For this reason, most foreigners prefer using GRAB and UBER since they are relatively cheaper as compared to local taxi drivers.

Malaysia is a great place to have a vacation or business trip. The country has a diverse culture, amazing landscape, and other things you might want to see. But there are several things you need to know before visiting this country, including safety, choice of food, health issues, customs, taxi prices and the paperwork you require.

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