5 Ways Businesses Can Trim Down Travel Expenses

As a business person, we need to do a lot of planning and its corresponding arrangements that go into the greater part of a business trip. Also, organizational arrangements are built around the most affordable approach to travel to distant places globally. In fact, going on a business trip can be very expensive since people have only a little time to book a flight, which simply implies going at pinnacle times. Also, these costs can get even higher when others also need to travel along with the key people.

Despite the fact that these costs cannot be controlled, there are multiple ways a business, in any case, can save money just by knowing where to curtail, without making a trip miserable. But there are ways to ensure your safety while traveling, you may want to start an LLC for protection, and also look into travel insurance. Fortunately, buying travel insurance online is comparatively easy nowadays. Simply, go online and Google your query and get the most relevant result right away.

1. Shop Around and Look for Discounts

The best way to ensure that an organization is able to cut down the costs on frequent business trips is to simply ask for the corporate discount. On a short notice, the best thing one can do is directly call the airline and confirm a ticket right over the phone call. This is, typically, the best way to get your answer concerning any corporate discount. The upside of a corporate discount is that 1) the size and name of an organization do not matter and the number of people traveling altogether doesn’t really matter; 2) most significant hotels, cab service providers, and the airline offer frequent corporate discount programs – the discount even goes up to 25%. Organizations, especially startups, must not disregard this. Organizations can keep in touch with one or more travel agents to avail of the best corporate deals possible (also, they may offer you an extra discount).

2. Go for Reward Programs

Another critical cost-trimming strategy is to join preferred ‘flyer miles programs’ and reward clubs through one or Credit Card companies you’re professionally associated with. For example, a Credit Card holder gets certain reward point for every dollar spend on hotels, dine-ins, gas stations, supermarkets, etc. With these reward points, one can travel to one or more places when gathered in a large number.

Businesses can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on air tickets and hotels. The key for how a business can save money on travel is by downloading mobile applications and contact a travel agent by means of email consistently to make sure to utilize minimal reward miles. So, this not only saves money but also gathers reward points at the same time.

3. Travel Agents/Agencies are Worth Considering

Not to forget the fact that these preferred ‘flyer miles’ and credit card reward points are just valid on selected airline(s), they cannot be redeemed at every airline carrier. This is where one can make the most of their contacts with Travel Agents/Agencies to book flights. With a travel agent, you can access their subsidiary organizations and travel accomplices that essentially increase the options to save money. In a case where you have a four-day notice to book a flight and you cannot just gauge an exact price range since there can be only a few or limited airline carriers that fly to your destination on that particular day.

4. Inflate Your Travel Options

Although travel operators are highly supportive in booking flights, the most critical game-plan as a frequent business traveler is to inflate your range of options. This can be the reason you no longer want to restrict yourself to search engines, viz. Priceline and Expedia to explore and compare flight costs. These search engines often overlook certain airlines and airplane terminals, especially various budget carriers and local air terminals.

Instead, you can Google your travel-related queries directly whatsoever you may have. Chances are high for you to get most relevant search results and you can make the most out of your web search.

5. Take a Train if not in Hurry!

Your travel agent can be of a great help, as he can help you get discounts on each of your travel booking.  Traveling by train is something that everyone loves, as it’s a much more comfortable travel means. Each seat is open top of the line and all amenities are accessible at fractions of ordinary flight costs. Traveling by train is also favorable for those who live in urban communities that are famous for their terrible winter climate. So, when the aircraft is not functional in the snow, the trains dependably run. Also, trains spare you accommodation since with the more drawn out travel time comes the ability to rest easily and feast sophisticatedly.

The same is valid when someone travels to a different city for higher education. A large number of students move out of their houses for engineering/medical courses and live in other cities that house reputed colleges. Student travel insurance plays a vital role in making parents breath in peace until their children reach the destination. Such a policy ensures that almost all emergencies will be handled by the insurer. So if you’re traveling abroad or within your own country for a similar purpose, make sure you have sufficient coverage before your journey begins.


There is a range of expenses that we incur in our daily lives – be it personal or professional. Some of these expenses can be eliminated or wisely postponed if we pay sufficient heed to our balance sheets. So be wise and save more.

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