5 Travel Gadgets That Are Too Cool To Resist

Traveling is a part of everyone’s life. Some people travel more than others, so much so that half their year is spent going from one place to another. Sometimes traveling can be fun, but sometimes it can be tiring and hectic. What can make traveling more comfortable is when you have all the necessary stuff that you may need on the road. This stuff includes your basic necessities and some gadgets that will make your life easier. We are providing you a list of some cool gadgets that are too cool to resist when you travel.

1.     Yogurt Maker

One of the inconveniences you have to endure while traveling is that you can no longer enjoy the perks of being at your home. You have to sleep in an unfamiliar room and eat from cafes and restaurants. One of the things you sorely miss is having yogurt in breakfast. At home, you can enjoy the home-mode nutritious yogurt, but you cannot have the same perks in your camper van. However, with a Yogurt maker, you can make your own yogurt without any difficulties! This yogurt maker is portable and affordable so you can enjoy some delicious yogurt no matter where you are.

2.     Portable Wi-Fi And Power Bank

With the advent of the wireless network, we have gone so used to using the internet at all times that we find it inconvenient when no Wi-Fi is available. You encounter such a situation when you are traveling because there are no routers on the road. For that, you should try a Portable Wi-Fi and power bank. Skyroam Solis aims to provide you with an internet connection as well as a power bank. We know how tough it can get on the road when there is no charger, and your cell phone dies. You no longer have to fret over roaming charges when you are traveling internationally. This connectivity gadget offers you unlimited 4G LTE service and is the best in the market right now. The best part is that this device also works as a portable charger for your phone or tablet. With this gadget in your purse, you don’t have to worry about the internet or your phone’s battery dying out.

3.    Camera

Surely you cannot travel without taking a camera with you? There are too many beautiful sights on the road, and you will want to capture all the memories of your trip. Canon’s PowerShot G9 X Mark II can be your perfect travel companion on road trips! This camera has a chic ultra-slim design and many connectivity options for easy sharing. This is a compact digital camera that will deliver high-quality photos and videos. It is beautiful to look at and is small enough to slip effortlessly into your pocket. With a 3.0″ LCD touchscreen, you can access the settings control and menu navigation. With the WI-FI and Bluetooth capabilities, transfer your photos and videos to other compatible devices while you are still out. You can control the camera from your smartphone remotely as well.

4.     GoTenna Mesh

Want to text your friends and use GPS even without any service? GoTenna Mesh is your answer! This device enables you to text other people and share your location even where there is no service or connection in that area. This device is designed to keep your iOS and Android devices connected without the cellular service. This device is especially useful for hikers and campers who like to go on adventures to remote areas.  GoTenna Mesh lets you communicate with your fellow adventurers while off the grid. GoTenna Mesh is slick, small and uses Bluetooth-LE to connect with a smartphone. Share messages and your location information instantly within a range of 4 miles in open areas.

5.     Video Recording Sunglasses

Everyone is addicted to social media and is used to sharing our memories every hour of the day. While you are traveling and making memories, instead of being occupied with recording it all, you can just enjoy the moment and let your glasses do the work. Spectacles V2 is a pair of glasses that are good looking, and they will also protect your eyes from the sun. The main function of these glasses is to record snaps of your day, the way you see them, which it will sync to your Snapchat Memories. It is a fun travel accessory that you have to take with you while you travel to and explore new places.

These travel gadgets are super useful and cool to have in your travel bag and will change the way you see the world. With these devices by your side, all your annoying travel problems will be solved, and you will have a much more comfortable and fun traveling experience!

About the Author:
Andrea Taylor is a human resource expert with over 10 years’ experience helping HR managers and employees create better work relations. She’s also an avid freelance writer who has been published in online magazines and cooperate websites. When she is not engaged in HR developments, she loves hitting the road to see new places and exploring new gadgets. She regularly writes blogs at https://productspy.co.uk/.

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