5 Travel Destinations for Casino Lovers

One thing about casinos is that they sculpt the place with such excellence that it makes it the center of the touristy crowd. In comparison to the old times, the casino industry has improvised a lot especially in matters of its presentation. Not only this, due to the advent of the internet, but it has also stretched to wide demographics. However, all these years there has been a tremendous influx of the gambling crowd to the places that cater to the requirements. It has led to the upliftment of the area, in matters of tourism as well as business.

Macau, China

When it comes to gambling locations, Macau has the top most places. Compared to Las Vegas, it has sped up on the list thanks to its elegant style and gigantic share in the casino world. It is home to one of the most popular casino. Gambling is currently restricted in china but as Macau is the administrative province of the country, gambling is not just allowed, but Macau is a gambling economy. Most of the revenue generated by the place comes from gambling as well as other kinds of betting. You can find gambling games like Blackjack as well as betting on various sports in the region.


Canada is the ideal destination for any traveler. Its policies are friendly and the country is not in the news for controversies. Having said that, the country is well known for its casinos. From slot machines to card games, you can find everything in Canada. However, Ontario is one such place that you should consider visiting. Apart from the touristy attraction that it has, Ontario has 70 casinos with 30,000 slots and gaming machines and 618 table games. It is a destination loaded with fun and entertainment where you can find your choice within a blink. From horse racing to dining, there is a lot to do in the city.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for zip-lining tours, whitewater rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, cliff diving, and sky diving, but apart from that, it is a less-known thing that the casinos in the country give competition to any country. From the elegant services they provide to the type of games offered, it keeps the gambler entertained and busy. It has more than 30 casinos in San Jose to keep the players busy in addition to the magnificent architectures and museums to visit.


This is country is new to the world of casinos, but that hasn’t stopped it in becoming one of the best. To compete and live up to the expectations of the casino world, it has a large number of casinos. Marina Bay Sands Casino is one that deserves attention. It has over 2,500 rooms, multiple swimming pools, and nightclubs. This is one such casino that has elevated the reputation of the country in the industry. Singapore is a utopian dream for the person who is yet to visit the country, but once you get inside the country, there is a lot to do alongside gambling.

Las Vegas, USA

Who doesn’t know about Las Vegas? Over time it has become synonymous with casino and with its promotion in various movies, Las Vegas not became a famous gambling destination but also a center of movies around the world. You can find slot machines, roulettes, blackjack, and poker in the desert city and if you are tired of gambling, there are many activities that you can carry out such as a trip to the Hoover Dam, the amusement park or the look at the Stratosphere. Adventure as well as entertainment is so perfectly blended in the city that you would never want to leave, and if you do, there is part of you that will always want to come back. If you want to enjoy slots like it is Vegas, Slotsformoney.com offers a wide variety of games for you to choose from.


Many of the new places are emerging on the scene that are replacing the old ones. New Zealand is one such gambling location where you can be a witness to a breath-taking landscape and at the same time gamble. There are countries like Japan that are also about to make their debut in the game and given the country’s reputation, it is expected that it can become one of the popular destinations of the world as far as gambling tourism is concerned.

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