5 Things Not to Miss in Barcelona

Worship the Sagrada Família

Worship the Sagrada Família in Barcelona Spain!

Barcelona has many treasures, but one stood out to us above all the others, literally and figuratively, Sagrada Família. The massive basilica is without a doubt the pinnacle of architect and designer Antoni Gaudí’s incredible career. And we do mean pinnacle. Huge spires rise into the sky over fifty stories high – and it’s not even finished yet. More Sagrada Família

Visit the Fantastical Park Güell

Visit the Fantastical Park Güell in Barcelona Spain!

Barcelona quite frankly would not be the city that it is today had it not been for Antoni Gaudí. A walk up several hundred steps, to one of the world’s wildest parks, showed us how Gaudí really got to cut loose, not as a builder, but as a landscape architect. His concept’s incredible interaction with the natural world had us feeling like we were inside the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. More about Park Güell

WATCH: Step inside Park Güell

Go Goth – Explore the Barri Gòtic

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

If the heart of Barcelona is the old city’s Gothic Quarter, known as Barri Gòtic in the local Catalan dialect, then the aorta must be La Rambla. The stretch of streets has become one giant open air theater and is truly one of the world’s premier venues for street performers. More Gothic Quarter

Be in Awe of the Street Performers of La Rambla

WATCH: The amazing Human Statues of La Rambla

More La Rambla

Eat as Many Tapas as You Can

Eat as many tapas in Spain that you can!

What would a visit to Spain be without sampling the tapas? Incomplete we’d say. But then tapas are a culinary style that is right up our alley, kind of a national tradition of appy crawling. We were determined to get our mitts on every type of tapa we could during our stay in Barcelona. We believe we achieved greatness. More on Tapas

David & Veronica, GypsyNester.com

Delve Deeper into Barcelona:
Sagrada Familia
The Gothic Quarter and La Rambla
Eating Tapas
Gaudí or Gaudy – You Decide

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18 thoughts on “5 Things Not to Miss in Barcelona”

  1. I definitely checked off all of these must-dos when I was there several years back, but I’d love to do it again. Barcelona is a magical city! Great list.

  2. We absolutely agree with you about Barcelona. We loved all the things you have listed here and say they are must not miss. We would also add to go and see the Olympic Park as it has many nice structures looking over the Mediterranean Sea and views of the city!

  3. Speaking of pickpockets, on my parents first trip out there a few years back a guy tried snatching my mom’s purse in broad daylight. My dad who was too busy taking pictures a few feet away had no idea… Luckily my mom’s old Tae Bo tapes (yeah, tapes, remember VHS) instincts kicked in and she gave the guy a backhanded fist to the face and he scurried off.

    Praise be to Billy Blanks.

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