5 Reasons Why Medellín Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Medellín has transformed into a modern Columbian city over the last 15 years. The city is known to be much safer. They have added a cable car and a metro system to get around the city and they have built new parks, buildings, restaurants and libraries. On top of this, the tech scene is something else that can be seen growing in the city. Residents of Medellín are extremely proud of the changes that have been made and everything that has been accomplished here. Due to this positive association, excitement and optimism fill this city’s air. Due to the improvements and its temperate climate that lasts all year, Medellín has become a popular tourist hotspot. If this hasn’t convinced you to visit, then here are 5 reasons that may be able to do so.


There are many things to see in Medellín. One of the most popular tourist hotspots is the Plaza Botero, which is famous for oversized statues and drawings of people that have been created by the artist, Botero. There are thought to be around 23 pieces of Botero’s work at the plaza. There are always people around here, plus other artists and street performers, making the atmosphere buzzing. Another popular place to visit is Parque Lleras, located in the middle of Poblado. This location is said to be the most fun area of Medellín. People fill the streets during the day and night and there are many food sellers, musicians, places to drink and street vendors. The final place many tourists like to visit is the sites of the Pablo Escobar tour, however, many locals don’t appreciate these tours as it glorifies something that many of them don’t support.

Explore the Streets

If you are a foodie, love culture and/or want to learn more about the way of life in Medellín, taking a food tour, city tour and/or visiting local markets are brilliant ways to get a taste of real life in this Columbian city. Due to the large number of locals in these areas, knowing Spanish can be very helpful. Fortunately, it is very easy to find a place and to learn Spanish from a local in Medellín if you aren’t very fluent in the language.


Guatapé is a popular destination for a day trip, but spending a full night there is advised. It is a colorful village about 2 hours away from the city which sits on the side of a lake. A party boat or speedboat can be taken to travel to the village and a granite monolith, named El Peñol, is known as its main attraction.


The sights surrounding Medellín are natural and take you back to nature. Near the city, in the mountains, you can find Wander Parque Arvi. There is a gondola that can be taken from the subway to the park, where you can hike independently or pay for a guided tour. Jardín Botánico is another place you should explore. It consists of a botanical garden that hosts a number of events, festivals and concerts. The gardens are home to a huge number of plants and wildlife. There is also a restaurant located in the center, which is a great place to relax and take in the scenery.


In Medellín, soccer is a religion and if you are visiting, you should see a game. It isn’t expensive and provides a few hours of entertainment, while taking in the city’s culture. Supporters of the two local teams found here are separated in the bleachers due to how intense the rivalry is between the teams.

There are so many reasons to visit this city. Being aware of the local history and the traditions of the local is advised. This way, you will be able to become part of the city and show the least amount of disrespect to its residents.

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