5 Reasons Why Cruises Top the List of Favored Vacations

In 2017, more than 52 percent of U.S. workers chose not to use their allotted vacation days. That’s an astonishing number of people forgoing some much-needed R&R and time away from work. And, considering the many benefits of going on vacation, that’s a real shame.

Though there are multiple options when it comes to planning a vacation, many travelers prefer the ultimate experience of going on a cruise and enjoying the open waters. For those looking for ideas to utilize those piled up vacation days, here are five reasons why embarking on a cruise should be at the top of your list.

1. Cruises are Affordable

Did you know some Americans spend up to roughly 10 percent of their annual income on vacations? But when you can enjoy bountiful on-shore and off-shore activities, meals and entertainment options for an all-inclusive price, there’s certainly no reason to go overboard (no pun intended) and break the bank.

Typically, cruise travelers have the option to add to their itinerary any number of additional excursions at ports. However, some cruise excursions can run as low as a base charge of $50 a day per person, so there’s no need to break the bank or go into debt for a single vacation.

2. Cruises are Good for Your Health

Though vacations in general can help you feel refreshed, the serenity of the open sea coupled with ultimate relaxation make cruises a popular option to recharge your batteries. Neuroscientists have concluded that consistent exposure to cortisol, the “stress hormone,” can contribute to a decline in mental health and acuity.

With the all-inclusive nature of cruises in which everything from meals to entertainment is already taken care of, as well as the gentle, soothing rocking of the ship on the ocean, the body and mind can find a measure of ease not achievable while rushing to make connecting flights or being cramped in a car for long time periods.

3. Cruises Offer Unmatched Sightseeing

It’s a pretty obvious reason but still one of the most important: Cruises can take you places inaccessible by planes, trains and automobiles. Indeed, the very best Alaska cruise will get you up close and personal with wildlife you never dreamed you would encounter. Cast your eyes on the Great Land’s glaciers, national parks and astonishing sunsets from the unique perspective of a ship. There’s just nothing else like it.

4. Cruises Include Incredible Food

Many cruise lines hire five-star chefs — many create innovative meals that reflect the culture or destination of the trip — to prepare meals for their guests. Though a lot of the food is decadent beyond belief, healthy dining options are standard on many ships.

For those with dietary restrictions, vegetarian and vegan dishes are often available in the grand dining rooms. And if you’re busy enjoying the amenities when supper is served, never fear — you can take advantage of 24-hour room service, typically for no extra charge.

5. Cruises Can Improve Relationships

It’s easy to recognize that, when you spend time enjoying life with those you love and appreciate, the ties that bind grow stronger as you make these new and fulfilling connections and memories. What may not be as apparent, though, is that cruises can actually improve marriages.

In fact, in several studies conducted to analyze the quality of marital life, experts concluded that women who take vacations frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed or tired — and are more satisfied with their marriages. In other words, the more cruises, the merrier.

Ensuring a Unique and Exciting Experience

All in all, cruises surpass other kinds of vacations when considering cost, sightseeing, food and drink, and the impact on valued relationships. With so many reasons to to take to the high seas, what’s stopping you from taking that bon voyage?

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