5 Reasons to Travelling Solo in Vietnam

There is a fact that Vietnam is an amazing country for solo travelers as there are plenty of reasons supporting to this choice. Before embarking on an adventure to this alluring nation, you might have to go through the five main reasons why Vietnam is an ideal place for solo traveling!

The first reason to travel alone in Vietnam is the convenience of getting a visa to this beautiful nation. There are many ways to apply for a visa, however, the most common and advantageous option is to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival, which is available for visitors travelling by air. With online procedure, applicant can get the visa in a very fast way. Firstly, you only have to go online at https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html to complete the form; then make payment of service fee before receiving the visa approval letter via email. Finally, you will get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport upon arrival by presenting original passport, photos, entry and exit form and stamping fee in cash. Getting visa at Vietnam Embassy is another way but through this simple way of getting Vietnam visa online, you will own an official permission to explore the country and have fun yourself!

Secondly, Vietnam is a relatively safe country for all travelers as the incidence rate of violent crime is quite low. Therefore, whether women or men want to visit Vietnam alone can avoid dangerous from both of human behavior. Moreover, travelers coming to Vietnam rarely taking challenges to nature such storm, drought, wild animals and so on. It’s really a good option that Vietnam is suitable for visitors who want to adventure because of less dangerous than others.

Thirdly, being famous for its breathtaking long coastline as well as many fantastic attractions to relax, Vietnam is truly a charming nation to discover. Among the most dramatic spots along the coast, the marvelous bays which are located in a perfect location with an admirable beach and picturesque views as Ha Long Bay, are well-known destinations for a definitely exclusive personal experience during the trip. Hanoi – Vietnamese capital located in the Northern area is a nice city for satisfying shopping and dining which is also a great center between Ha Long Bay and other towns in the North such as Sapa, Lang Son, Ha Giang. Hanoi city tours are also recommended. If you’re concerned about handmade clothes, Hoi An is the best city to go and explore. Heading to the South of this alluring country, don’t miss out the appealing Ke Ga- the bay that has magnificent beaches – is a wonderful stop to absolutely discover. Finally, when exploring the South, definitely don’t miss the lively Saigon which is exactly Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam of all aspects consisting historical and culture areas with so many things to experience!

Additionally, the local food, especially the street food is always attractive to foreign. Beside the fantastic dishes around the corners, it is worth looking out some of the restaurants serving the fresh and tasty spicy style of Vietnamese food. If you are bored of coming to the restaurants, don’t forget to try various kinds of street food while walking around many places in Vietnam. You can find many street vendors serving delicious bowls of ‘Pho’ and other tasty noodle dishes. The small tip for you is bringing the cards that translate the Vietnamese cuisine so that you can know what you would like to order.

The last things, after enjoying the specialty of Vietnamese culinary, save your time to dig into the traditional cultural aspects of the country. The typical awesome experience you have to try out is riding the motorbike to discover the highlands of this country involve with local families and learn how to make traditional meals. You also will have an opportunity to enjoy some ‘Quan ho‘singing that is also one of the good ways to dip into of the local culture. This is normally popular during Vietnamese Tet holiday. Additionally, watching a show of water puppet is another cultural involvement that is worth trying, where the puppets are displayed above water and managed by long poles beneath the water, operated by experienced puppeteers. With the beautifully painted puppets in the art form which is recognized as a vital part of the country’s heritage, the admirable puppeteers will show you how wonderful the show is!

All in all, you have a nice picture about what you can do in Vietnam when you intent to go there alone. No fear, no loneliness as you will have many things to discover ahead of your journey! Let’s have a great solo trip than ever!

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  1. Yes, Vietnam is so stunning. I’ve just arrived from Halong Bay with a cruising trip and got fantastic experiences. The scenery and the green water amazed us.

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