5 Reasons to Spend Your Summer Holiday in Bulgaria

There are many great places to visit in Europe during the summer. But somehow Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and France usually overshadow all the smaller countries, especially those in Eastern Europe. For that reason, many people have yet to discover the wonders of Bulgaria, one of the most interesting places in this part of the world.

If you haven’t seen that country yet, here are the reasons why you should visit it post haste, especially in the summer.

1.      Bulgaria is cheap

For a budget traveler, there is hardly a better place than Bulgaria among all of the European summer destinations. According to surveys, it’s the cheapest resort in Europe. Therefore, anyone can enjoy some sunshine during Bulgaria holidays regardless of their budget. And you’ll get excellent service everywhere because while Bulgaria is affordable, it’s not “cheap” in the nasty sense of the word.

Here you can find good accommodation and enjoy delicious local meals at a minimum expense. All you need is some planning. Choose Airbnb instead of fancy hotels and small local stalls and cafes instead of luxury restaurants. In fact, do the latter regardless of whether you want to save on food or not, local cuisine is definitely more delicious than any imitation of the Italian that you’ll find in fancy restaurants.

2.      Bulgaria has lovely beach resorts

If you are going there for the summer holiday, you are going for the beaches, right?

Well. Bulgaria has many amazing beaches to offer. They are mostly soft sand beaches with cute small coastal towns. Expect to see many cafes right next to the beach, so you’ll be able to enjoy freshly-caught fish and drinks while relaxing in the sun.

There are quite a few clunky buildings that are leftovers from the Soviet era. But they hardly detract from the beauty of nature. It’s also fascinating to use them as a contrast to see how much the Bulgaria of today has changed compared to those times.

3.      Bulgaria is filled with history

If you are passionate about exploring ancient historical sites in between beach visits, Bulgaria is the perfect destination for you. Some of the buildings here are literally over a thousand years old. There are multiple well-preserved medieval fortresses and local temples are as ancient as they are beautiful.

You don’t even need to travel far away from the coast as some of the most interesting historic sites in Bulgaria are located on the beaches. For example, the Ancient City of Nessebar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is no doubt the loveliest coastal town you are likely to ever see.

There are also places like the Ancient Plovdiv. Some of the buildings there are standing since the Roman times. There are also many museums that will tell you about some pages in the history of Europe you might not have known.

4.      Bulgaria is a feast

A feast is, basically, any local meal because they are delicious and all include numerous courses. Relax your diet while you are here because you have to enjoy the many local delicacies. From goulash to the multitude of sweets and freshly-baked breads.

Don’t forget local wines as well because those are just as good and go perfectly with the hearty delicious meals.

The “cherry on top” is the hospitality of the local people. They are extremely open and welcoming and love sharing bread with guests.

5.      Bulgaria is fascinating

Bulgaria’s culture is vibrant and full of most interesting and peculiar traditions. If you have a chance, visit as many of the local festivals as possible. This way you’ll get to see such amazing things like dancing with monsters (Kukeri) or listen to bagpipes in the mountains.

You can also watch people dancing on hot embers (come on June, 3) or listen to live music at a mountaintop (1,500m high) during the Blueberry Festival.

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