5 Reasons to Get an Emergency Satellite Phone

What Is A Satellite Phone?

Satellite phones are the kind of mobile phones that work by radio through orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. A lot of countries have banned the usage of satellite phones like India, Nigeria, North Korea, Libya, etc. Satellite phones do not offer internet services but allow data services for people. It is also quite cheaper than regular cell phones. Many people have also confirmed about messages and call logs being hacked in regular cell phones than in satellite phones.

Why Is It Needed?

Satellite phones are needed by people because there are a lot of areas where landline and cellular coverage are not available. So to connect with people and having a preferable backup, satellite phones are important for communication. This will help people who are more into traveling in northern areas of the world, as they have less cellular towers hence interrupting a cellular connection. Even natural disasters cannot interrupt the connection of a satellite phone. All that is because satellite phones work with the help of satellites in space so that they are not dependent on land based infrastructure.

Reasons to Get a Satellite Phone:

There are a lot of reasons to get emergency satellite phones, some of them are: 

      • In case of any emergency or natural disasters, satellite phones going to help you make sure that your family is safe. You can communicate with them easily without having your connection disrupted by any calamity or network issue.
      • Similarly, a satellite phone allows people to contact legal or concerned authorities in case of any emergency. This is going to be very helpful if you need immediate help.
      • Satellite phones provide greater coverage than regular phones. It always provides a fast and easy connection for people who are in emergency or any situation where communication is not easy.
      • Satellite phone is very simple to use and does not contain any Wi-Fi or internet connection. It also doesn’t contain any other features that are included in a smart phones.
      • Finally, it provides reassurance for the people who are more into traveling and their destinations are discrete. It is mostly for people who are more into exploring the nature and visit the northern or hidden sides of the world where they may not get a proper connection to communicate with their loved ones. A satellite phone works for such people to make sure they are okay as well as reassure their families and loved ones.

Final Thoughts:

Satellite phones may have been illegal in a lot of countries for various valid reasons, for e.g. Libya, but if they are legal in your country, make sure to use it to the fullest. It is said to be cheaper, safer, and extremely helpful in emergencies.  They will work no matter what calamity falls on earth and will make you stay connected to your loved ones. It comes with minimal accessories and is easy to carry around in its own kit. 

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