5 of the Best UK Places to Visit After a Divorce

Travel is a great coping mechanism for divorce. You can do it alone, with children, or with friends, and the UK provides locations for all occasions. This article is going to provide five of the best UK places to visit after a divorce. 

As a divorcee, there is plenty to combat, both emotionally and physically. Once you’ve sought free family law advice, gone through the divorcing process, and have made arrangements for your finances, home, children, pets, and more, what now? Perhaps a staycation might help!

Virgin Holidays, who offer holidays exclusively for singletons after their marriages have ended, did a survey of 1,500 divorced British people. They found that four in five who went on holiday after their divorce felt better about being single.

So, with that, let’s take a close look at five of the fabulous locations that many of us forget that Britain has to offer. We’re going to open your eyes to the beauty of Britain and find your perfect location to visit after your divorce. Take a look…

1.   London

It couldn’t be a list if we didn’t speak about the capital of England – London. With a city so vast, there is so much to see and do depending on the type of trip that you desire. The city is famous for its art, architecture, food and fashion, so has something to offer for anyone going through a divorce.

For example, you cannot miss watching a West End show. This is the perfect way to take your mind off of the lawyers and paperwork; escapism from the reality of everything.

What’s more, like so many other cities up and down the UK, London is a hotspot for a classic English pub, cocktail bars and nightclubs all across the city. This makes it the ideal place to to get your friends together for a night on the town.

2.  Bristol

Bristol is known for its quirkiness, but it is, without a doubt, up there as a top city to visit in the UK.

Not only is Bristol fascinating for its history as one of England’s most economically important cities, but it is also home to the UK’s mystery street artist Banksy (with many of his original graffiti murals).

It is one of the best places to visit for a night out, with multiple pubs, cocktail bars, and nightclubs. The perfect place to visit either alone or with a group of friends, you can be promised to have a fun night out.

There is so much to see and do in Bristol. With its café culture, cosy old pubs, trendy neighbourhoods, and independent shops, it is a great location for divorcee singletons to discover.

It can even be a great place to take your children, if you’re looking to bond with them again post-divorce settlement. You can walk across the 101 metres tall Clifton suspension bridge, pretend you’re a passenger on Brunel’s SS Great Britain, discover hands-on art at We The Curious, and see spectacular fish at Bristol Aquarium.

3.   Cornwall

We speak quite broadly here, as Cornwall is a county with many different places to visit within. If you are planning a break with your children after your divorce, then Cornwall really is the best place for some fun family time.

For starters, there are glorious beaches up and down the county, totalling nearly 300 beaches. With one of the most stunning coastlines in the UK, it can’t be missed.

You cannot forget to try their famous Cornish pasties; truly worth a visit in itself. With succulent beef, potato, swede and onion, your taste buds truly will be spoilt.

What’s more, even if you want to spend some alone time whilst recovering from your divorce, Cornwall is the picture-perfect location for some personal relaxation time. Grab your beach chair, with a wine in one hand and a book in the other. Nothing beats it.

4.   Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the perfect place for a couple of days away for anyone looking for a solo trip, family city break, or a getaway with friends.

Scotland is a land full of history, particularly Edinburgh, with landmarks dating back to Roman times, and before! It’s a city that was once a battleground, so if the history of Edinburgh is what you’re interested in, then visiting Edinburgh castle, the dungeons or even a guided tour around the city will fill that void.

We can’t speak about a great city without mentioning the nightlife, and Edinburgh is one to please. With their secret and underground bars and sophisticated whisky bars (are we really surprised with the Scots and their love of whisky?), it’s ideal for a night with friends.

Scotland, in general, is a country worth visiting. With its route 66 equivalent, the North Coast 500 (NC500) really is the dream road trip if a trip to the city isn’t for you. If you fancy feeling the breeze in your hair, and an adventure of a lifetime, it’s not to be missed.

5.   The Quiraing – Isle of Skye

Divorce can prompt many of us into a fitness obsession, because of the wonderful confidence it fuels us with and the happy chemicals it pumps around our bodies. So of course, we couldn’t miss talking about one of the best places in the UK for those wanting to escape to the countryside for fresh air and views like none other.

The Quiraing in the Isle of Skye is one of the most picturesque and spectacular places in Scotland. It has the dream view for anyone, especially those who need to realise there is more to life than marriage. It is a place to empty your thoughts and take in the beauty surrounding you.

For more information on the walk, difficulty and any additional information, IsleofSkye.com can provide more details to help you plan the perfect post-divorce hike.

The UK Can Fill That Hole in Your Heart

We can conclude that the UK is, without doubt, the perfect country to get over your divorce. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the UK, these locations might only be a couple of hours drive or flight away. There really is a place for everyone no matter their circumstances or desires.

Have you found that exploring your local area has helped you to find yourself again after your divorce? Be sure to leave your experiences in the comments below.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

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