5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a New School Year

Going back to school always comes with a lot of planning and anticipation, whether you’re starting your freshman year in college or continuing in high school. However, there are numerous mistakes you can make when going back to school. Some of these mistakes will merely affect your productivity, while others can be more costly.

Consequently, it would be best to prepare thoroughly for your return to the classroom to guarantee a successful new school year. Here are some five mistakes you should avoid when starting a school year.

1. Not Tracking Your Spending

Proper personal finance management starts in school, so spending without a plan is a crucial mistake to avoid. Therefore, prioritize budgeting for all your expenses, especially food, entertainment, and leisure. As such, avoid eating out too much and spending on things you can do without.

Also, don’t overuse your credit card if you own one, since your money mistakes in school can haunt you long after you graduate. Still, a student credit card is essential to start building credit and help you manage your money better, so consider applying for one. In-depth finance-related websites such as Wealth Rocket can help you find the right student card for your needs.

Wealth Rocket is a leading personal finance website providing helpful insights on budgeting, insurance, savings, investment, taxes, and credit card usage to its readers. Their article on the best student credit card in Canada highlights some of the best credit cards for college students. The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is an excellent option to consider because it’s an excellent first credit card, as it requires a low minimum income of $12,000 to qualify. Also, it has no annual fees, and you can earn 2% cash back rewards in two preferred spending categories.

Alternatively, you can select the CIBC Dividend Visa Card for Students if you earn less during the school year. This credit card offers a $30 cashback to new cardholders after their first purchase and helps you establish a great credit history. However, understand that a student credit card works like an everyday credit card. Therefore, cardholders must use their cards responsibly and avoid cash advances and late payments that can affect their credit scores.

2. Taking Too Many Classes

Piling up your credits can initially be fun and engaging due to the many opportunities to explore various fields. However, this approach might prove costly 20 credits down the line since you may be in over your head very soon.

As such, you can quickly struggle to keep up with your many classes with little time for leisure. Therefore, always start with the minimum number of classes and only take on more if they add value to you. For instance, you can sign up for a CPR Training North York class to learn the basics of first aid, making you useful in emergency situations.

Leading online first aid schools such as CPR Care can help with this need. CPR Care offers online CPR classes and CPR certificates to students, arming them with everything they need to know concerning CPR. Their online training focuses on three qualification areas: First Aid Certification, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Automated External Defibrillator. These CPR courses equip students to act quickly during cardiac arrests and other medical emergencies, helping them save lives. Furthermore, their courses require little time to complete, with a time range of 1-8 hours depending on the qualification.

3. Buying Too Many School Supplies

It isn’t uncommon for eager students to overspend on school supplies as part of their back-to-school preparations. However, many supplies you purchase may end up being useless since you may not use them at all. Therefore, purchase a few basics like a planner, three notebooks, and a pen or two for the first few weeks of classes. Then, you can gradually add to your stationery based on your courses’ demands.

Buying the right amount of school supplies is a pressing concern for students of all levels, from college students to kindergarteners. For parents of pre-schoolers, finding the best school for their wards is also equally as essential as purchasing the right supplies to get them started. Top private schools are worth considering when seeking holistic education for pre-schoolers in the Brooklyn area.

MUSE Academy a Brooklyn-based independent private school that offers high-quality, humanist education for children in Pre-K3 through to Grade 2. They seek to unearth and develop the full potential of every child as expressive artists, lifelong learners, and active citizens in their communities. As such, their unique pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs nurture creativity and a passion for learning from an early age. What’s more, MUSE students are engaged in all modes through which children communicate and learn, including kinesthetic, verbal, analytical, emotional, and social.

4. Missing Too Many Classes

Feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of every academic year is normal, but this shouldn’t be too much of an excuse to miss classes. Poor attendance can have dire consequences in college, with the worst-case outcome being receiving an automatic fail for some courses if you miss a certain number of classes.

In addition, skipping class on the day a quiz is announced, groups are assigned for a project, or a new topic is introduced may impact your school year negatively. Consequently, prioritize attending all classes to maintain your rhythm in school.

5. Being Disorganized and Unprepared

One of the worst ways to enter into a new academic year is undoubtedly being disorganized and unprepared. Unpreparedness for school can mean many things, ranging from not knowing your timetable to a poorly packed back-to-school suitcase. Luckily, you can rely on a helpful planner to organize your schedule from the start of the academic year till the end.

To conclude, starting a new school year is a crucial milestone that you must get right to enjoy your term or semester. The mistakes above are worth avoiding to guarantee a great start to your school year.

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