5-Minute Guide to Choosing a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Shark is now truly one of the best vacuum cleaner brands. When choosing methods of cleaning it is powerful, universal, and cost-reasonable. However, choosing a manufacturer is one thing, but picking the best Shark Stick vacuums from all that variety – that’s where a real challenge starts. The truth is, different models of the same brand differ drastically.

Why Shark and not the other brand?

If you been out of following the vacuum cleaner industry, you might’ve missed the fact that this brand is so far one of the best manufacturers worldwide, surpassing Dyson as the number-one company in the US. On top lists, Shark vacuum cleaners ‘swim’ further and faster than most of their competition. Dozens of models each year, new design, and widen functionality. There are so many ‘sharks’ out there that you can literally get lost.

That’s where a list of reviewed models comes in handy. By picking a vacuum cleaner with no plan in mind, you risk settling for first not-so-bad option just to find out later that it was far from the best fit. Here lies the issue: all houses and apartments are different. If some model fits perfectly for your friend, it might not work for you. You should make a list of best Shark vacuums based on specific needs. Well, now you don’t have to, because we did it for you, along with a few Shark vacuum reviews. Just go through them and find the ones that work for your living space.

What to pay attention to while choosing Shark’s vacuum cleaner?

It’s not brain surgery, and it’s not going to be long and difficult. All you have to do is go through a short checklist and settle three main issues:

1) the type of the cleaner

2) additional features

3) finding the perfect model.

Cleaner type #1 – Robot cleaner

It is the fun way to get a boring thing done. It’s so fun that you can consider buying it as a gift – and people will actually love it (and use!). All you have to do is press a button, sometimes put a few settings, and watch the miracle. Yes, the smart robot cleaner is way more expensive than, let’s say, an upright one. It is yet worth the investment – but only if you buy a good one. Robot cleaners are fun and very tech-savvy (it’s the newest Shark vacuum breakthrough) but their suction and overall efficiency can suck. Especially if you fail to choose the right model.

Additional features: WiFi connectivity. You can choose a WiFi-connected model that will store information about its cleaning procedures so you can plan, monitor, and track the efficiency. That’s how you say ’yes’ to a smart cleaning.

Best Shark models:
 Connected to WiFi: ION Robot 750;
 Not connected to WiFi: ION Robot 720.

Cleaner type #2 – Handheld cleaner

The floor is not the only thing that could be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. What about sofas, chairs, mattresses, beds? Handheld cleaner deals with these perfectly, actually being a leader for the furniture cleaning on the vacuum market. Cleaning furniture with the same cleaner you use for the floor is not hygienic. Also, it can damage the furnishing since the floor-oriented vacuums are way harsher. Luckily, it’s not something you can say about the handheld version.

Additional features: cordless power. You can walk from one room to another without struggling with cable and its length. It’s a more expensive option but also a more comfortable one.

Best Shark models:
 With cordless power: Pet Perfect II
 With no cordless power: Rocket handheld

Cleaner type #3 – Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuum cleaner is long and narrow, looking like, well… a stick. Their shape gives them agility and makes them a perfect options for big rooms and halls. It’s a vacuum that can deal with huge space, also a great version of vacuums for pet owners. Nevermind the height, stick cleaners are lightweight because of how narrow they are. The only issue there could be is that a stick vacuum takes a lot of space in the room. Before buying one, think whether you have a suitable place in mind.

Additional features:
 2-in-1 vacuum (two nozzles in one model)
 Cordless power
 Flexible stick.

Best Shark models:
 2-in-1 vacuum: Rocket ION;
 Flexible stick: ION Flex Duo Clean
 Cordless power: Flex Duo Clean
 No additional features: Navigator Free Style.

Cleaner type #4 – Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright cleaners use a rotating brush to pick up dust and pet hair. They suck the type of dirt that other vacuums often ignore. If you have pets, you know how often vacuums just refuse to suck pet’s hair for some reason, no matter how hard you try. Here it’s not the case. The brush is designed specifically to solve the pet-hair issue. Otherwise efficient, upright cleaners can, however, be noisy and massive. Great for big houses, not so good for small apartments.

Additional features:
 2-in-1 vacuum;
 XL dustbin (you don’t need to clean the vacuum too often);
 Designed to pick up large debris.

Best Shark models:
 2-in-1 cleaner: Rotator Pro Lift-Away;
 XL dustbin: Shark Navigator Pro Lift-Away
 For large debris: APEX Duo-Clean Lift-Away.

Cleaner type #5 – Canister Vacuum

By their design, canister vacuums are similar to upright cleaners, although smaller and shorter. Comparing to previous types, they are leaders in terms of noise control, maneuverability, and easier-to-carry. All these features combined – and you have a great cleaner for a small or medium-size apartment.

Best Shark models:
 Rotator Lift Away.

Tips before buying Shark vacuum cleaner

If you looked through our list and found that one perfect model, congrats. Don’t rush into buying it though – there are yet few things left to be done.

The thing #1 – Look the reviews

These recommendations are results of our testing. We try models of different surfaces and compare their technical characteristics, but we don’t use them for years. To know better, ask those, who do. Start with reading expert Shark vacuum comparison reviews to find out the professional opinion. People who deal with vacuums all their life, know how to choose a cleaner (and also give the details you could forget about – like insights about pet power brush).

The thing #2 – Make the decision beforehand

If we could give one advice about buying electronics, that would be: make the decision before you entered the store. This way, you limit the risk of being influenced by an irritating sales assistant or making the-last-moment choice.

The thing #3 – Don’t settle for the cheapest option

No, we are not implying that higher cost means better quality. However, chances are, that settling for the cheapest thing, you’d’ have to change it in a year or so. A vacuum cleaner is an investment for a long while – it will help you clean home for 5, hopefully, 10 years. Investing a little more won’t hurt.

If you can’t find the model you like, don’t worry about it for a minute. There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners only on Shark’s website. If you take a look at all of them, you will find a fit. Whatever challenge you face, many people surely face it too, and the company had already taken it into account. Good luck!

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