5 Interesting Things To Do On Your Vacation In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is sure to surprise you. But before you go, make a list of fun activities to do during your vacation in Hong Kong so that you can make the most of your time. There are a lot of fun activities and attractive destinations to check out. Speaking of which, Hong Kong’s offerings include the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, endless shopping, foot massages and what-not; the list is merely endless. There is an activity for every type of interest.

Right now, we will write about five interesting things you should add to your Hong Kong vacation bucket list.

Things To Do In Your Vacation In Hong Kong

Take A Ride On The Star Ferry

Oh, if you are visiting Hong Kong, you must try out a ride on the star ferry. The Hong Kong Star Ferry is somewhat similar to the Effiel Tower in Paris, France. By this we mean, it’s a must see and must do! The Hong Kong Star Ferry transports people easily and effortlessly between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

The Star Ferry will enable you to marvel at all that Hong Kong has to offer; the famous skyline, all the scenic routes in the city, and, more importantly, the beautiful night view. Best of all, a trip across the harbor won’t even cost you US$1.00.

The Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak does share some similarities to the Star Ferry. Whereas people enjoy the views of Hong Kong from the sea onboard a Star Ferry, visitors to Victoria Peak, will take in the views of the city from a towering mountain.. From the Peak you can see across to the New Territories, and will be treated to a beautiful view of the harbor. The mountains on Victoria Peak boast of a plethora of vantage points, two of the most popular ones are the: Peak Tower & Peak Galleria. The Peak Galleria offers free access to an observation deck, and it’s even got a kid’s play area with a lot of climbing equipment.

Finally, on top of Victoria Peak, there is a 2-long mile “peak circle walk.” This takes the tourist to the cliffside road leading to the scenic Lugard Road Lookout Point. And are you a total shopper? Forget the walk around the peak and instead just shop.  Victoria Peak offers some of the most original shops in Asia.

Street Markets

There is a mighty big chance that if you are in the city of Hong Kong that you have collided with the shopping frenzy of the buzzing city. Hong Kong has some of the most bustling street markets in Asia, and you should try them all  – well, as much as you can!

Let’s talk a little about the street markets.

We have the famous “Ladies Markets On Tung Choi Street,” this market specializes in the sale of women’s accessories. Another convenient fact is all of these bazaars have their own unique aura.

The Temple Street Night Market, for example, is a favorite tourist place for nocturnal shopping and to get the fun going.

Additionally, if you find yourselves in any of these street markets, do not shy away from trying to bargain down the prices. You can expect to find some great deals. From time to time, some of these markets also have performers. At times they will showcase Opera Singers to magicians and what-not.

The markets operate on their different preferred times. You can check out their websites and Savvy in HK  for more information on what you need to know for your upcoming Hong Kong travel.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is the direct competitor to Disneyland in the city. Ocean Park has a lot of great perks going for it. It has a uniquely amazing view along the coastline, it has an incredible zoo that is home to a large variety of animals, and also a large aquarium. Ocean Park has all the sharks and rays that you could want.

Roller coasters, carnival games, and other various fun activities are proudly offered at Ocean Park. If you are in Hong Kong for a family vacation, your kids will most definitely love to ride in the cable-car or take the underground train to the otherside of the park.

Best of all, Ocean Park is close to the enchanting Repulse Bay. If you still have energy left out, head next to Repulse Bay and enjoy a beer and pizza along the foreshore, and while you’re out it check out the traditional temple that is right there on the beach.

The Hong Kong Museum Of History

I understand the purpose of vacations is to relax, but who says we cannot learn a bit as we have fun? The Hong Kong Museum of History has managed to squeeze in a huge amount of the city’s history into its 77,000 square foot area.  The history covers Hong Kong’s nearly 400 million years of history with tales from prehistoric times to the digital age. The museum contains a vast amount of information with more than 80,000 historical objects.

So, we recommend you spare a few couples of hours if you would like to jump aboard this historic ride.

The museum is so large, that it’s unlikely you can cover the whole area in a day. Come to the museum prepared so you know which area you want to explore.

An Honorable Mention

Now, we have listed five interesting things you should do in your Hong Kong vacation, but we feel we should also mention an idea for people who like to pamper themselves.  Hong Kong has some of the best nail salons in Asia, and you must try out some of them.

According to Savvy in HK,  these are some of the best Nail salons in Hong Kong:

    • Nail 20

Located in Sheung Wan, they offer one of the best manicure and pedicure services throughout the city. A standard manicure starts at around $90 and a pedicure at about $130. Plus, a handful of their staff members speak English at conversational levels.

    • Nail 88

Nail 88 is the best budget nail salon in Hong Kong. There is no competition to Nail 88 for the best cheap nail services. However, you must bear in mind that “cheap” does not necessarily imply substandard. If you are ok with a basic salon, the $48 and $98 price points for their services are a great bargain. It’s simply a steal!

Final Words

These are some Hong Kong experiences that should be on your bucket list for your next Hong Kong vacation, or if you are visiting for the first time. Tell us, which of these experiences you have tried or are looking forward to trying out.

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