5 Hobbies For Frequent Travelers

If you’re constantly on the road, chasing the next overseas adventure, you know that keeping your bags light is essential. When travelling, you want to be able to throw everything you own into a backpack and take off. You want clothes that are adaptable, small sized toiletries, and nothing too heavy to impact your abilities.

Having an essential travel bag doesn’t leave much room for hobby items. However, you don’t need to give up all your hobbies to be a frequent traveler.

Here are a few hobbies you can still enjoy as a frequent traveler.

1. Music

Most people think that music is hard to bring on the road, especially if you play with big, bulky equipment. However, it’s possible to bring your favorite instrument with you when you travel somewhere new if you have the right travel equipment.

Guitars, ukuleles, and harmonicas are easy to bring on the road, but you can even bring a drum kit along with you on a trip. According to this tama starclassic review, certain brands make their drums easier to assemble and disassemble for travel.

You might have to bring an extra bag or two, but it’ll be worth it to practice music on the road.

2. Language Learning

Travel and language go together hand-in-hand. If you don’t have a specific language that you’re interested in, you can pick them up as you go. Stay in hostels, go to local community events, and give yourself time to learn and practice the languages that you want to learn.

You can also purchase grammar books and utilize both free and paid for online programs if you want to practice during your commute to various destinations.

3. Drawing

To draw, all you need is a pen and a pad of paper. If you want, you can get drawing pencils, markers, and other supplies. Keep the size of your travel bag in mind when you’re looking for art tools. Invest in a blank page journal so that you can practice drawing and art on the road. While you’re on a plane, train, or other form of transportation, you can pull out your journal and pen to sketch. What you want to sketch is up to you; you can choose subjects around you while you travel or work from memory.

4. Photography

Photography comes off as an expensive hobby that requires a variety of lenses and equipment. However, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to start taking photos of your travels.

Most modern smartphones have decent cameras that allow you to capture the surrounding moments. You can also invest in a DSLR camera for a couple of hundred dollars and get a decent base lens to take photos with.

5. Knitting

You might be thinking, wouldn’t the knitting needles get confiscated at security checkpoints as weapons? The answer to that question is no. Knitting needles do not count as weapons and will pass through security without problem.

If you’ve always been interested in making clothing, this hobby is a great way to get practice while traveling. All you need are the needles and thread to make things on the road.

Take Your Creativity Abroad

Traveling doesn’t have to put a pause on your creative pursuits. While you’re on the road, you can still enjoy and practice a variety of hobbies.

Though you have to downsize your tools to travel freely, you don’t have to give them up entirely. Look into ways to make your leisure time activities portable so that you can spend time on them while you’re on the road. Continue to seek adventure and travel while enjoying the hobbies that make you feel fulfilled and happy.

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