5 Helpful Tips When You Are At The Cancun Airport

The Cancun International Airport is Mexico’s second busiest airport and has terminals for both national and international flights.

It is not a huge airport but it is safe, modern and efficient.

This airport is always bustling with foreigners coming from different parts of the world since Cancun is a popular tourist location.

If you are new to airports or travelling in general, you should know a few basic things in order to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.

1. Book Your Transportation In Advance

The last thing you want to do after a long flight is waste your time trying to find a taxi to take you to your destination.

It is always recommended to book your transportation in advance in order to ensure a smooth journey without any problems creeping up at the last minute.

You will save the time you spend waiting for your transportation and all you will have to do is verify your name before you leave the arrivals building at Cancun airport.

There are both shared and private transfers available at very affordable prices. You can opt for transportation services like Cancun Private Transportation or Cancun Car Rental companies.

The Cancun Airport website has all the information you need to plan your next journey to Cancun.

2. Fill Out All The Essential Forms

If you are not a Mexican resident, you will be required to fill out the Mexican Immigration form which is also called a Mexico Tourist Card in some places. You may also be responsible for paying the new tourism taxes.

In case you are travelling with your family, each member will need to fill out an individual form including children.

You can either fill out this form online or on the plane if you are handed the form before landing.

In order to save time while entering the long immigration line, we highly recommend you to fill out the form on the plane itself or online and have it ready with you.

You will also be required to fill a customs form which you will get in the plane on your way to Cancun.

Contrary to the immigration form, you only need to fill one customs form per family if you share the same address. You should hand this form over at the customs checkpoint before leaving the Cancun airport.

Make sure you fill the form on the plane as well to save time.

3. Print Your Boarding Pass

It is always a good idea to print your boarding pass and have it ready with you.

Yes, you can have the boarding pass in your phone but in the unlikely situation that your phone dies, the wifi fails or the app crashes, you will end up being the annoying person who holds people up at the line.

You can also present the paper pass easily to the security for scanning.

4. Know Which Terminal You Are Leaving From

Make sure you know the terminal you are leaving from beforehand. You can save a lot of valuable time if you don’t waste it looking for the terminal.

The terminal number will be on your confirmation email which you receive when you book your flight. The monitor at the airport will also show information about your departure.

You can also make use of a shuttle service if you need to move from one terminal to another.

5. Move To The Exit Quickly

While you pass through the Cancun airport,

    • Avoid stopping for companies offering tourist services. You might also meet people who will ask you to attend a timeshare Unless you are genuinely interested in purchasing a timeshare and want to check out the deals and discounts, don’t waste time talking to the people.
    • Try not to stop at any food stalls or dining places since there are much better options outside the airport.
    • Avoid changing your US dollars in the money exchange office since they have very high rates.


Make sure you have a pre-departure checklist so you don’t have to worry about whether you have everything with you when you arrive at the Cancun airport. You can always go to the help desk or consult an official if you are facing any issues at the airport.


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