5 Fun Things to Do in the Catskill Mountains for Seniors

If you’re planning on vacationing in southeastern New York State, don’t limit yourself to the city. Plenty of wonders await visitors in the Catskill Mountains just three hours north of the Big Apple.

With dozens of accessible activities, those over age 65 can get in on the fun, too. Whether you’re into nature, history, the arts, or just want to get away for a bit of peace and quiet, you’re in for a treat. Without further ado, here are five of our favorite senior-friendly things to do in the Catskill Mountains.

1. Stroll Through Nature

Most people venture into the mountains in search of waterfalls, stunning vistas, and vibrant landscapes. The Catskills don’t disappoint in these areas. What’s better, many of the trails in this area are easy, level, and accessible to people with mobility challenges.

Number one on our list of hiking paths is the 12 foot wide, 11.5-mile Ashokan Rail Trail. This hike takes you from West Hurley to Boiceville along the edge of the Ashokan Reservoir. The ADA compliant trail is open all year from sunrise to sunset for all non-motorized uses, including dog walking and bicycling.

Other must-see easy hikes include the Frick Pond Loop for bird and wildlife watching and the 26-mile Catskills Scenic Trail.

2. Immerse Yourself in History

The land is rich with history in the Catskill Mountains. If you want your trip to be as educational as it is fun, don’t miss the plethora of museums, farms, and historical sites in the area.

Visit Greater Fleischmanns Museum of Memories for a glimpse into life in a bustling turn-of-the-century village. The museum is set in an authentic carriage barn and houses exhibits on local industry, communications, the Ulster & Delaware Railroad, and even baseball.

In the mood for agriculture? Visit the 200-year-old working Hull-O Farm. Each 45-minute tour gives you a glimpse into the past and present of farming and raising animals.

3. Get a Vacation Rental

Staying in a hotel is nice, but it doesn’t compare to having an entire home to yourself when you travel.

If you’re looking for more seclusion and privacy, consider getting a vacation rental. Take the time to learn more about available rental housing before you finish planning your trip.

4. Dive Into the Arts

Those with creative hearts will love the area’s flourishing arts scene. If you’re in the mood for a show, visit the Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts center, Bridge Street Theater, or the Orpheum Theater & Performing Arts Center.

You can also take yourself on the Kaaterskill Clove Experience, a self-guided driving trip through the locations that birthed the Hudson River School of Art.

5. Take a Scenic Drive

You don’t even have to leave your car to bask in the beauty of the Catskills. Spend an afternoon driving the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway for a gorgeous mix of waterways, mountains, foothills, and farmland. Or, if you’re looking for a longer road trip, take Route 30 from the Catskills all the way into the Adirondacks.

Try These Things to Do in the Catskill Mountains on Your Next Vacation

No trip through New York State is complete without trying these things to do in the Catskill Mountains. Regardless of your age, you’re sure to have a lovely time in this natural area.

Where are you headed on your next adventure? Whether you’re staying stateside or traveling the globe, be sure to check out the other articles on our site for more inspiration.

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  1. My grandparents and are planning to go to Catskill New York, where we can rent a lodge and hike. Well, you made a pretty good point that it would be best to venture into the mountains and visit the majestic waterfalls. We’ll also keep in mind to visit the beautiful Greater Fleischmanns Museum of Memories.

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