5 Fascinating Things About Asia to Write About in Your Essay

Asia is the most controversial and mysterious continent. It certainly has a huge impact on the rest of the world, but we see only a small percent of what actually happens within its territory. Asia is like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. No wonder the students usually face some difficulties when they need to describe this continent in their essays. The topic is really not the easiest one, so in case you feel stressed or unmotivated while writing your paper, it is better to refer to the professional essay writing service to get your assignment performed brilliantly and in time.

There are also websites that write essays for you. But if you have decided to accept the challenge and write the essay by yourself take a look at these 5 fascinating facts about Asia that will help you reveal a bit of a different side of this continent and leave all the readers of your essay speechless.

World population

Asia is the most populated continent in the world. Interestingly, the population of a Chinese province (Sichuan) alone is bigger than the population of Austria, Guatemala, Malaysia, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands put together. And the most fascinating fact about Sichuan is that it is not even the biggest province in China!

Skinny nation

It is outlawed to be overweight in Japan. Being considered one of the skinniest nations in the world, Japanese people should thoroughly control their weight. Otherwise, they are supposed to pay a fine. Such measures have been taken with a very noble aim – to make people take care of their health and stay younger longer. Those who violate this law must undergo counseling, following which they are assigned a government-approved diet.

Weird New Year Celebrations

It may seem strange, but Tet (the so-called Vietnamese New Year) is not only a holiday that marks the beginning of a new year. For every citizen of Vietnam, this holiday is also a birthday. The locals celebrate Tet every year at the end of winter. The holiday starts on the first day of the Lunar calendar and lasts for several days. The citizens of the country count their age precisely by the number of experienced Lunar new years.

The celebration of the New Year in Thailand (Songkran) is also quite weird. Thais celebrate it in the period from April 13 to 15. Among the festive events, the oldest ritual is carried out, during which the Thais water each other with a mixture of water, flour, or talcum powder. Sometimes, the locals use water guns to make watering even more effective.

These are little known facts that require a good deal of research that may be tiresome for some students who have a lot of other assignments to complete. In case you are one of them and need help in writing your paper, you can delegate your creative task to one of the legitimate essay writing service agencies. As a rule, they feature experienced writers who cope brilliantly with the paper of any type and complexity.

The biggest shopping mall

The construction of the world’s largest shopping mall was launched in Dongguan by the Chinese billionaire Alex Hu Guizhong. The trade center was suggested to room over 2,350 stores, not to mention full-size indoor roller coasters, a 1.3-mile water canal (complete with gondolas), and an 82-foot replica of the Arc de Triomphe. However, the billionaire didn’t take into consideration the location of such a huge trade center. Dongguan’s population constitutes only 10 million people, the majority of whom are the general workers at the local factory. Up till now, only 1% of the shopping mall space has been occupied.

Making mistakes may cost money and time. To avoid the fate of Alex Hu Guirong, it is strongly recommended to double check all your plans and ideas. The same refers to home assignments. Read your essay out loud several times to correct all the imperfections. In case you don’t have time for proofreading, order it from the experts. Fortunately, it is always possible to find a cheap essay service that doesn’t compromise the quality.

Traditions connected with kids

This Muslim custom has existed for about 500 years and it is practiced in the holy mountains of India. Newborn kids are lifted to a tower fifty meters high and then thrown down from there onto a stretched cloth held by the monks standing below. It is believed that this ritual will make the child stronger, healthier, and more successful.

In China, there is a tradition to name children after certain events. In particular, this is confirmed by the fact that after the Celestial Empire submitted an application to host the Olympics in the country in 1992, 680 young Chinese were given the name Aoyun (meaning Olympic Games). Over the next 15 years, about four thousand newborns were named like this.

Now you have almost everything at hand to make your paper about Asia interesting and unique. All you need is a drop of motivation and a crumb of inspiration. In case you lack both, it is always possible to refer to a write my essay service to order highly professional paper that will become a good example for your future works!

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