5 Essentials to Take on your Classic American Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a classic American road trip? America has beautiful coastlines and incredible scenery. From the snow capped Rocky Mountains to the sandy shorelines of California, there’s a great range of variety. Road trips can be a family fun way to see new places and be adventurous together.

But, before you turn the engine on, you’ll need to make sure you pack the essentials. Here are 5 things to take on your classic American road trip.

First aid kit

Every car should carry a first aid kit. This is particularly important on your road trip. Kids are always getting cuts and scrapes, especially on vacation when they’re overly excitable. But first aid kits can be useful for more serious injuries, too. Don’t forget that driving can be dangerous, and roads with lots of traffic can lead to accidents (if you’re traveling around California and have a car accident, check out this PI attorney based in LA). Don’t forget to make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked before hitting the road and always drive with caution.


You can’t go on a road trip without taking snacks. Your kids will get hungry and cranky, and the journey won’t be enjoyable at all. Consider packing a cool box, which will keep your food and drinks nice and fresh. The best road trip snacks are healthy, nutritious and travel well.

A map

You don’t want to get lost on your road trip. While most of us rely on a GPS to get around these days, it’s not sensible to put all your hopes into a machine. A GPS can easily lose signal in remote areas, and what happens if your phone dies? Bringing a map will ensure that you know how to navigate to the nearest rest stop and don’t find yourself scrambling along the wilderness.


You can’t pack for a road trip without packing layers. Depending on where you’re going, you’ll probably find that it gets hot and stuffy in the car, but the nights can be a little chilly. Don’t forget that the US climate varies greatly across states, so do your research before you pack. A few jumpers, warm socks and jackets will do if you’re going east (New York can be cold!) and you’ll need sunscreen and a hat if you’re going south (Texas has a hot dry heat that some struggle to manage!)


It isn’t a road trip without your favorite songs. No one wants to sit in a silent car for hours. So, bring along a couple of CDs or make a playlist before you go on your travels. There’s nothing better than the whole family singing along to their favorite music.

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