5 Essential Questions To Ask Your B2B Database Provider

B2B database is important for every company’s sales and marketing department. Unsent emails and the wrong dial is something that every sales or marketing executive saves to be spared from to save efforts and time. That is where the need to acquire business data comes in the picture. However, it remains a dilemma as to how to choose the right B2B database provider. While some service providers focus on quantity, some believe in quality; what is it that works the best for you?

Let us take out some time to understand the essential questions one must ask their B2B database provider. Before asking these questions, you have to understand what are your organization’s core needs and requirements in order to grow sales and brand awareness. Collecting prospect data is not hard in today’s tech-savvy world, so let us make it even easier for you and your organization.

5 essential questions to ask your B2B database provider

Do they understand data?

When companies start looking for the best ZoomInfo alternatives, the question that arises is whether their B2B database provider understands data. To obtain the data, the strategy is to keep the salesperson in mind. The B2B database provider should understand your target and need, thus providing you with the right data. Unrefined data can lead to a waste of money as you will end up paying for a database that has almost 50% of invalid data that does not match your requirements.

To exercise this, you can ask them to send you a sample of approximately 50-70 contacts and see how it works for you. This will help you test the data quality and know whether or not they understand data; its modernized version and the right data suitable to your requirements. In the end, you should not be left hopping around to look for ZoomInfo alternatives, searching for different software or service providers.

What is the deliverability guarantee?

No contract or service can be successful if either of the parties does not trust the alignment. Therefore, a deliverability guarantee ensures that data will be provided and updated with time. Some companies also require web or telephone verification and enhancement of the data. Many B2B database providing companies like ZoomInfo guarantee their deliverable by stating that they are ready to replace the invalid data if the business data does not match with the client’s expectations.

While many other best ZoomInfo alternatives gain trust with a promise that the bounce rate of emails sent to the business email list will bounce will not exceed more than 5%. Additionally, their service guarantees to replace the failed data with updated data without charging extra. Email hygiene and quality data are the insights that most of the companies like ZoomInfo promise their clients.

Is your data current and how?

Data is ever changing. Millions of data records get edited by the second and keeping up with these changes is more than essential. B2B data tends to deteriorate in quality and effectiveness over time. Once the data becomes obsolete, it is not of any use rather the time spent calling or sending the email is wasted. Dirty obsolete data can even lead to the failure of a B2B campaign.

The main purpose of contacting best ZoomInfo alternatives is to access accurate, valid and real-time tested B2B database that has been verified and enhanced to the latest update. Many ZoomInfo alternative offer built-in email verification systems, while others perform regular data cleansing and upgradations. You must be assured that the data you are using is fresh, current and up to date. It is believed that old and obsolete data can cost a fortune worth of loss to businesses so don’t forget to assess for the status of the data.

Is the data regulated? If yes, by which laws?

Regulation of data takes place to ensure the protection of data and data users. Every B2B provider is expected to conform to certain laws and orders to ensure that the data they provide does not violate any code of conduct and is legally accepted. If you want to do things the right way, you should try and inquire of your B2B provider all the laws and rules they follow when they assemble data for you.

Companies like ZoomInfo ensure that any data they provide to their clients is licensed and follows the basic general data protection regulations along with an association with the direct marketing association.

Where is the data sourced from?

This doesn’t appear to be a client’s area of concern when you look at it in the first instance but the source of the data makes a significant difference. If the given set of data is sourced from an irrelevant sector, then no matter how well crafted your message is, it would not reach the right audience.

Ensuring the ability of the source to be able to provide you with data following the standard you are looking for is a must. Sometimes we are so occupied with the conclusions, options, and results involving data that we completely ignore the source of it. The ultimate result and quality of operations do depend on the quality and authenticity of the primary data received. Companies like ZoomInfo make sure the source of the data is lawful and legit.

With the data and analytics industry booming in business, data reselling has become a new favourite. Data can do wonders to you and your business but only if it from a source you trust, is up to date, regulated, and authentic. While we do realize that finding such a B2B provider is not an easy catch we would want you to only trust the best.

Get the right data at the right time and achieve the objectives of your B2B campaign!

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