5 Essential Beauty Products While Traveling

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and a privilege when we get to do it, but for many people, packing for a trip, whether a short road trip or a two-month sabbatical, can feel overwhelming. While there are tons of benefits to learning the skill of packing like a minimalist, there will always be essential items that one needs to bring. Chances are, you have skincare routines and beauty traditions you want to maintain on your trip, so knowing which beauty products are essential and which you can leave back home is important. Whether you’ve got a trip already booked or are helping a friend pack for their own getaway and are looking for tips, keep reading for the travel essentials when it comes to beauty products. 

Facial Bar 

Many airlines have regulations on the size of liquid products you can carry on or pack, not to mention there’s always a chance of a bottle opening and spilling into your bag, so facial bars are critical when traveling. The beauty of a facial cleansing bar soap is how small and easy it is to pack, and it can also double as a body soap on your journey. Opt for a bar formulated for sensitive skin so it won’t dry out your delicate facial skin, as some bar soaps tend to lead to drying. 

Hydrating Mists 

Chances are, your destination is in a warm weather climate. When planning a vacation (around 70%), most people opt for warm weather locales to escape the routines of ordinary life and enjoy time by the oceanside. Studies have shown that spending time by the sea is calming and can benefit our mental and physical health. When you get hot, you sweat, and the sebum produced isn’t great for your complexion. Keep things fresh with a travel-sized hydrating mist which will not only keep your skin clear but refresh you depending on how hot the weather is in your destination. 


Let’s face it when traveling; we sweat – sometimes a lot! While packing a deodorant is a given, bringing along your favorite Gucci or Armaf perfume should be a given too. Not only will it keep you smelling great during your excursions, but if you have date nights out on vacation, you can use your perfume as the cherry on top of your beautiful outfit. Perfumes are also well known for mood-boosting benefits, so scents that can uplift you when you’re dealing with jet lag or travel anxiety are always a great idea. Pay attention to the power of the perfect perfume. 

Cleansing Wipes 

Depending on where you’re going or what you’ll be doing there, you may only sometimes have access to a shower. While you likely have makeup-removing wipes on your packing list, it’s also worth adding body-cleansing wipes. These wipes come in thin, rectangular packaging, which makes them easy to toss in your carry-on or keep in your fanny pack on a day exploring your destination. They help with the sweat, of course, but they also come in handy when traveling with small children prone to getting themselves messy. 


According to all dermatologists, one of the most important things about skin health is wearing SPF yearly. While sunscreen was probably on your beach packing list, even if you’re headed to the Swiss Alps, bring your SPF. Make sure you’re packing separate SPFs for your facial skin and body, as your facial skin is much more delicate than the rest of your body. If you are spending time in the water or sweating, it’s important to reapply as you towel off. It would be best if you reapply sunscreen every three hours no matter what, and it’s best to avoid high sun exposure (between noon and three pm) whenever possible. 

Packing for your trip can be challenging, but by including the above beauty essentials in your makeup bag or carry-on, you’ll be sure to look and feel your best the whole trip. Many people forego makeup altogether while traveling and focus instead on smelling great and protecting their skin – which is worth considering. Happy Trails!

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