5 Crucial Ways to Build Your Vacation Fund

According to statistics, over 30 million Americans cannot afford a vacation. And while you may longing to book an exotic trip, there may be variables preventing you from doing so.

Let’s take money for example. Finding ways to finance your dream vacation may seem out of reach. But fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your trip a little more affordable.

Traveling for a vacation is expensive, but it’s worth the money spent. Continue reading for more ways to build your vacation fund.

1. Open a Vacation Savings Account

When it comes to building a vacation fund, the first thing we suggest is opening a vacation savings account. This particular account should be different from your emergency savings account.

Consider setting up automatic payments that go directly to this account. With each paycheck, dedicate to putting away a certain percentage. If you find yourself being tempted to use this money for another purpose, ask your local bank to lock your savings account until your vacation date.

2. Set a Goal

It’s easy to get carried away with spending when you’re on vacation. And the last thing you want to do is run out of money when visiting another country. During your free time, calculate how much it costs to:

    • Rent a car
    • Buy your plane ticket
    • Enjoy excursions such as kayaking
    • Rent a hotel
    • Buy souvenirs
3. Take Advantage of Travel Rewards

One of the most modern ways to build your vacation fund is to utilize travel rewards. A lot of credit card companies offer great travel perks for their customers. From saving money on flights to free hotel stays, look into financial institutions that will save you big bucks on the vacation of your dreams.

4. Pick up a Side Hustle

Instead of using your free time scrolling through social media, why not pick up a side hustle?

While it may sound like hard work, there are plenty of available side jobs that will help build your vacation fund. Here are some extra ways to earn money in order to pay for your next vacation with ease.

    • Babysitting
    • Freelance writer
    • Photography
    • Secret shopper
    • Online Surveys
    • Tour Guide
    • Waiting tables
5. Sell What You’re Not Using

Last but not least, if you’re trying to build your vacation fund, consider selling some of your stuff.

Let’s face it. We all have things lying around the house that we are no longer using. Earn extra cash for your next vacation by selling some of these things online.

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Offer Up have great platforms where you’re able to sell used items to people around your area.

Ways to Build Your Vacation Fund and More!

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