5 Air Cooler Maintenance Tips

Summer is up, and the sun is more scorching than ever. If you are from India, then you pretty much know how hard it is even staying indoors. Without an Air cooler or an air conditioner, it is extremely difficult to survive this scorching heat.

On top of it, if your air cooler is not working, then you are pretty much doomed. If you are looking for an AC, then instead of buying, you can get an air cooler on rent in Noida. If you have already purchased one, what can you do to prevent your air cooler from going out of order?

In this article, we have emphasized the five tips that could help prevent your cooler from breaking down.

    1. Unplug when not in use

Always unplug the air cooler when not in use. What will happen is, if there is a power surge, the air cooler plugged to the power socket might blast out. Unnecessary damage that could have been prevented if the plug was removed from the socket.

By doing this, you could also end up saving a whole lot of energy. Even if you use an air conditioner, always see to it you unplug them at the time of cleaning. If you are facing problems with your old AC, you can get an ac for rent in Noida at an affordable price as a stand buy.

    1. Cleaning the air pads

Cleaning the air pads on a regular basis will enhance the life of the air cooler. It shall not only produce cool air but also prevent your cooler from breakdown. The air pads are the first point of contact for any dust particle in an air cooler. Always try to get it cleaned every odd day.

    1. Maintaining the water tank.

If you’ve already been using an air cooler, then you’d probably know that air coolers have a water tank that stores the water. This acts as the catalyst for converting hot air into a heavenly breeze.

Always check the water tank, whether it still can hold water or not. Sometimes the tank sustains a few cracks and the entire water deposits at the bottom. See to it that this doesn’t happen.

    1. Cleaning the exterior

Usually, people tend to clean the interior thoroughly and forget about the exterior. This results in the formation of rust. Within no time, your new air cooler looks awful and dirty. Keep it clean so that it not only pleases you with its pleasant breeze but also with its aesthetics.

    1. Air cooler pump

The air cooler has a small pump. Sometimes the pump wears out. All you got to do is spend Rs.100 and get it replaced. The pump replacement would do you wonders. It will enhance the efficiency and the speed of the cooler.

Closing thoughts

Air coolers are a must to keep you all cool this summer. If you still don’t have one, check out the air coolers list with price on Amazon or eBay. I hope this article brought to light on how to maintain your air cooler. These hacks will help you enjoy a cool summer.

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