4 Ways to Take Your Home to the Next Level

There could be many reasons why a homeowner is considering a few home improvement projects or renovations. Needed repairs may be a sign that some fresh ideas and new designs are in order, or or you might feel the need to improve curb appeal in preparation of putting the house on the market. No matter the reason, however, homeowners have more options than they realize when it comes to flexing creative muscles and giving their home a whole new look.

Depending upon your needs and budget, potential home renovations can run from modest projects to a full-scale remodel. But whether it’s to attract future homebuyers or simply for your own family’s enjoyment, home improvements are a sound investment for increasing overall property value.

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Here, we will look at four key ways in which you can take your home to the next level, while also boosting your home’s property value.

1. Consider your home’s first impression.

When you think of “curb appeal,” what immediately comes to mind? Is it the first impression that visitors get when they pull up to your home? Often, homeowners will become so accustomed to the look of their home’s front exterior that needed repairs go unnoticed. However, if you want your house to look its best for visitors and potential homebuyers, the first thing they see takes on greater importance. Your first order of business should be to go outside and give your house a thorough, objective inspection. Check your lawn, windows, siding, and roof. Ask yourself if your house could do with a new coat of paint or new gutters, as visitors will notice these elements right away.

Likewise, contacting a reputable roofing company for a consultation and free estimate for potential repairs is also a good idea. If you’re in need of roof repair or an entirely new roof, this aspect is especially crucial. An unstable roof may affect future safety inspections. Over time, sunlight, moisture, and the change of seasonal weather can all affect your roof’s integrity, not to mention cause unsightly stains and discoloration. This is especially true if you have a flat roof which receives direct sunlight and heavy rainfall or snow. By calling in the professionals for a good assessment of the structure, you’ll learn the best course of action to take, including which is the best best grout sealer for protecting your home from leaks and drafts.

Roof repair experts can also recommend the most durable materials for roof repair or replacement. Be sure to ask about potential maintenance plans for discounts on your warranty and the penetrating sealer being used. While you’re at it, you may also inquire for a referral regarding any driveway repairs you may need, including deals on granite and natural stone, both of which add valuable curb appeal.

2. Monitor your energy efficiency and air quality.

When looking at home improvement options, consider projects that can boost both your property value and your family’s safety. For example, many modern homeowners opt for projects emphasizing higher energy efficiency, particularly when it comes to their air systems and utilities. The single most popular investment for lowering a monthly energy bill and improving the household’s indoor air quality pertains to the HVAC system and its ventilation.

Regardless of what kind of air conditioning unit you have installed, be it a central air system or traditional air conditioner and heater, a large portion of your monthly energy goes towards temperature control. Luckily, new technologies have come along to address that very issue. One major innovation is the heat pump, which replaces both the cooling system and heating system with a single unit. A heat pump literally transports the air from outside your home, either warms or cools it according to your thermostat settings, and circulates it throughout the household. The single greatest asset of such a unit is that, no matter when you live geographically, a heat pump is ideal for seasonal adjustment. This has made the state-of-the-art alternative popular with many HVAC service companies. Whether you require air conditioning services in Albuquerque, New Mexico for guaranteed comfort against the scorching summer heat, or technician assistance in the colder regions of the country, every HVAC company has become familiar with mini-split heat pump installation and can provide regular maintenance to property owners.

3. Update your interior’s design and motif.

Although budget plays a great role in your home renovation options, tackling your home’s interior can allow you to get truly ambitious. As previously mentioned, giving your home’s exterior a new coat of paint may be a necessity, but when it comes to your inside walls, the same tactic may simply breath new life into the style and design. Likewise, changing up the household motif, room-by-room, can be both fun and productive in modernizing for a new fashion. Take good look at the rooms that tend to get the most use, such as the living room and dining areas. Maybe some house plants carefully arranged in certain spots can make the new furniture, color scheme, and arrangement really pop. In addition to indoor plants, like a snake plant or an African violet, you may want to consider some modern art and sculpture, or even an overall fresh “theme” to the house interior.

If you’re leaning towards a true interior makeover, an interior designer with years of experience can work with you in finding the latest trends and options. When it comes to making your home more modern and fashionable, there are many reputable interior decorators who can do a great job at the fair price. Just be sure to do some research regarding their previous home projects and take a good look at their portfolio and pricing options.

4. Consider a “dream” kitchen or bathroom.

For most homeowners, the two most popular home improvement or renovation projects have to do with creating either a “dream” kitchen or master bathroom. If you’ve been thinking about such upgrades in your house for a long time, getting the ball rolling with some creative research is a good idea. Start by asking yourself how much of of your vision includes form over function, as well as the visual consistency with the other rooms of the house. For instance, your bathroom vanity is most likely the center of attention, regardless of how big or small it is. It’s a stylish, functional piece you use regularly. So, installing a new vanity or upgrading your space with a sleeker look makes perfect sense for any home.

If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, keep in mind the many financial benefits of a higher energy efficiency rating. Modern appliances such as refrigerators and washer-dryers, as well as faucet and sink fixtures, are all aimed at conserving your home’s utilities. In addition, new cabinets or marble countertops can blend seamlessly with sleek new equipment and can be selected for easy clean-up of surface areas. In particular, marble and certain tile floor options handle cooking grease, oil stains, and other common kitchen debris with ease. The best way to make your dream kitchen work for you is to keep a creative balance of form and function.

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