4 Types of Coffee to Try Before you Die

Coffee is a beverage that is cherished by people from all walks of life. A sip of coffee is enough to send a wave of excitement and freshness to your body.

You name a country, you will see people everywhere cherishing the taste of coffee with great joy. You can instantly make your guest happy with a serving of coffee.

Coffee flavor is not restricted to one but it comes in many flavors. Over time, new and new flavors have been added to the list. It is not possible for everyone to get a taste of every single flavor as various types of coffee are spread across many geographical places.

There are various methods to make coffee, one of them is pour-over coffee where you put the hot water in coffee grounds in a filter. There are many pour-over coffee makers that make it easier for you to make pour-over coffee.  You can make the comparison between Chemex vs Hario v60 vs Kalita wave. You can find which is better after using them.

All the coffee flavors are great and they come up with their own unique taste. However, there are some coffee flavors that are simply outstanding. We will see which are those flavors in this article, so, hang on till the end.


This is coffee for which Starbucks is known. It is not the usual hot coffee, but it comes blended with ice and is topped with whip cream. It’s one sip that can give out of a world experience. Its consumption will make you want it more. It is recommended if you consume it when it is made by an expert. However, you make it in the comfort of your home if you can manage to arrange some ingredients. Coffeeatoz offers a great recipe for the frappuccino, that you can try at home.

Following things that you need at home to be able to make it:

    • A cup or two of ice
    • ½ cup shot of espresso
    • ½ cup of whole milk
    • 1 to 2 tbsp. of sugar
    • 1 to 2 tbsp. of flavored syrup


    1. Take coffee beans and grind them properly. Make sure that coffee beans are fresh to have the best taste. Brew the coffees in the coffee grinder.
    2. Let the coffee cool itself and never make the mistake of pouring the ice unless coffee comes at room temperature.
    3. Once it is cooled, then pour milk, sugar, and syrup into the blender and mix it properly. Then fill the cup with the Ice. Get yourself served.

2. Cafe mocha

Cafe mocha is a variant of cafe latte. It was invented by America. It was created taking inspiration from the coffee beverage Bicerin. It is not cold like FRAPPUCCINO, but it is served with hot milk and chocolate. It is a drink mainly from a cafe mocha.

The ingredients are:

    • 2/3 cup of mocha or chocolate powder (you can also use chocolate syrup)
    • 2 tbsp. of dark-roasted coffee beans
    • A cup or two of skimmed milk
    • Whipped cream
    • Coffee grinder


    1. Prepare the coffee as usual and prepare the mocha at the same time and make sure that the mixture of milk and chocolate is not cold.
    2. Now heat the milk and pour the mocha into a mug and pour the heated milk into it and then stir it properly.
    3. Top it with whipped cream and get yourself served.

3. Americano

It is made with hot water and it also uses espresso. You just need hot water as well as espresso to make this coffee. You can also use coffee from Lava Lei to achieve this recipe.


    1.  Get a coffee mug and put the espresso and hot water into the glass.
    2. Serve yourself.


Espresso is used in this beverage that is cut by a small amount of warm milk, reducing its acidity. It is mainly used in Spain and Latin America, Portugal. It is mainly used as an afternoon drink. The milk used to make this coffee is a little cooler.


    • Espresso
    • Warm and frothy milk


    1. Pour the espresso straight into a cup.
    2. Cut the espresso with little amounts of warm, frothy milk.
    3. Serve yourself.

There are many coffee flavors that are a must-try in your lifetime. However these four flavors are something that you should take a sip of once in your life. You will surely have the best experience drinking them.


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