4 Stunning Hiking Trails in Spain

While Spain is famous for its culture and eclectic nightlife, there is more to be said about its beautiful scenery that draws in thousands of tourists every year. There’s so much beauty in Spain, and it’s true that it has something to offer every kind of traveller.

If you’ve visited all of the typical destinations in the country, or you’re just set on taking the less-beaten path of hiking trails over the busier cities, then look no further. Spain is a great choice for those looking for an enriching and exciting hiking and trekking trip.

Although it’s probably not in the top 10 things a first-time traveller should do in Spain, this vibrant country has amazing mountain ranges, challenging landscapes, and well-marked trails that are worth visiting.

The great thing about this is that this country has so much to offer, that you’ll definitely find a trail that will be perfect for you. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, just someone who wants to try a new hobby, or simply want something away from their busy normal life, there’s a little bit of something here for everyone.

We’ve rounded up some of the best trails in Spain, and all you have to do after is book that trip!

1. Camino de Santiago

This legendary walking route is probably top of mind for Spanish trails, and it’s deserving of all the hype. The Camino de Santiago walk is a series of pilgrim routes that have been around since ancient times.  It begins in various places along the French border, before ultimately leading down to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

This trail stretches on for miles and miles, and can take you weeks to accomplish the entire trip. However, it isn’t just for expert trekkers, and it doesn’t sound as long and dreary in reality. This place has actually been designed to accommodate travellers along the way, so you’ll undoubtedly encounter stops along the way when you need to sit for a while, or even sleep overnight!

Camino de Santiago is a historical path that is definitely worth visiting. It’s great for your physical health and mental health as well! Walking along the beautiful scenery of this place will help give you peace of mind and keep you away from the stress of daily life.

2. Picos de Europa

If we’re talking about the best of the best, then Spain’s oldest national park definitely has to have a place on our list. The Picos de Europa National Park is home to some of the most exquisite vistas that feature lush valleys and limestone peaks.

Picos de Europa is definitely bursting with life and nature, along with rich wildlife that will make you want to stay in that sanctuary forever. Compared to Camino de Santiago’s lengthy trail, the Picos de Europa trail only extends for 12 km. It is of moderate difficulty, and you won’t encounter much trouble since it is mostly flat.

3. Sierra Nevada Trail

The Sierra Nevada Trail is definitely something you should consider if you’re looking to explore levels of difficulty for hiking. It has various and abundant trails that range from the easiest to the hardest.

Located in Andalucia, the Sierra Nevada trail can be conquered all in a day. This is the perfect trail for challenging yourself, and enjoying the beautiful scenery at the same time.

4. Caminito del Rey

The King’s Little Path is often called world’s most dangerous walkway. This may not be true anymore, since renovations have definitely made things safer, but it is no doubt still one of the scariest as it clings to the cliffs along the Gorge of the Gaitanes.

Both the Caminito and the Sierra Nevada Trail can be easily reached by staying in a hotel near Ronda.

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful trails and scenery in the world. Just take your pick from our suggestions above and get ready to be blown away!

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