4 Reasons You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

After a truck accident, you’ll face a long road to recovery, which can be made even longer by a drawn-out legal battle with the trucking company. They stand to lose a significant amount of money and are willing to spend enormous sums to keep you from getting any of the compensation you’re owed. Hiring a lawyer from CGG Law can be one of the best decisions you make, as they can expedite this process and work on your behalf to overcome resistance from the trucking company to pay you.

It is essential to file a truck collision claim, but you’ll need help from an expert to make the most of it. Here are some of the main reasons why you’ll want to hire a truck accident lawyer after your collision.

The Trucking Company Already Has One

One of the greatest incentives you have to hire a truck accident lawyer is the trucking company already has one they will use in your case. They are prepared to argue on the company’s behalf to minimize the amount of compensation you’ll receive. If you’re not prepared, they could make a highly convincing case with the intent of denying you the money you deserve, whether there’s truth to their arguments or not. According to Agruss Law Firm in Naperville, experienced truck accident lawyer by your side, you can enter into negotiations on an even footing with the trucking company.

You Don’t Know What to Say

It’s very easy to say something that harms your claim against the trucking company. Even an innocuous statement such as “I’m okay” said in response to one of the company’s representatives asking how you are doing could be held against you and used to minimize the amount of compensation you’ll be awarded. A lawyer can act as your filter and confidant, informing you on the best way to respond to inquiries and during your settlement process so as to not expose yourself to attack.

Truck Companies Have Deep Pockets

Trucking companies have vast financial resources in comparison to the average person, and one common tactic they could try with you is to use delaying tactics to bleed you financially. You’ll be highly vulnerable to these if you’re handling your claim without the help of a lawyer. When you hire one, your lawyer will be able to move the process along and identify when the trucking company is trying to run the clock out on your claim and can propose actions to overcome this strategy.

It’s Not Just the Trucking Company

A truck accident lawyer could examine your case and find out that there are more parties to the accident than meets the eye. While it’s common to involve both the trucker and trucking company in these cases, there could be others responsible for your crash, including the following:

    • The loading company
    • A car or truck manufacturer
    • Another driver
    • Local authorities

The loading company may be partly responsible for your crash if they put an unsafe amount of freight on the truck. They can review the evidence and may find that the manufacturer for your car or the truck is partly responsible due to a faulty part. Another driver, such as an Uber driver, who behaved recklessly may have set off the chain of events that led to the accident. In this case you may need an Uber lawyer in San Diego. Local authorities may also be to blame if the roads were dangerous due to neglect or obstacles they did not clear.

Seek Legal Advice

A truck accident lawyer can bring needed expertise and experience to your side during your legal battle. You can’t take it for granted that a judge or jury will side with you, even if you believe all the evidence clearly supports your claim. Your lawyer can stay on top of your case and will know how the trucking company is trying to evade its responsibilities and reduce your compensation. You’ll be in a much stronger position to win the full compensation to which you’re entitled with an expert there to guide you and fight on your behalf.

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