3 Ways to Fund Your International Travels

I would travel more if only I had the time. I would have the time to travel if only I had the money. Does this sound familiar? It’s easy to get caught in an endless loop with this dilemma.

The real question is how can we break out of this cycle? So, here are three ways to fund your globe-trotting without living on rice and beans or hoping to win the lottery.

Funding international travels when you own a business can be a little bit of an inconvenience, especially if you’re not the best with money. Hiring an accounts guy who can handle all of this and sort out your HR, with programs such as Cezanne HR.

Working Remotely

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Today, more people than ever work outside their regular 9-to-5 jobs. In doing so, not only can you use the extra money to save up for your travel adventures, but you can also test the waters for other career options. Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation says this can be “a low-risk version of entrepreneurship. A way to build something sustainable on the side.”

Sites like Upwork offer freelancers a way to diversify income rather than depending on a single employer. With just a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, many are taking this route to become ”digital nomads.”

Employers now hire remote workers for everything from accounting to graphic design to writing projects. They send payment through services such as PayPal or direct deposit. To pay for necessities like food and rent, be sure to check how your bank will allow you to access these funds. Some institutions hold funds for seven to 10 days before you can withdraw them.

Teaching English Abroad

Probably one of the best ways to earn income while traveling is simply to teach English overseas. In fact, Asia is a favorite for English teachers, because it offers convenient travel to a variety of countries no matter where you choose to teach.

Do your research, as different companies and programs offer different benefits, including free housing and even free flights. Also, some positions simply require a bachelor’s degree while others require teaching experience or a TESOL or TEFL certificate.

Going Back to School

Not yet ready to venture out on your own? If you feel the need to upgrade your skills before trying something entrepreneurial, one option might be to study abroad.

Unfortunately, financial aid for studying abroad is only available to undergraduate students enrolled full time at a college or university. However, fellowships and scholarships exist for professionals working toward their master’s degree or graduate students interested in studying or interning in another country.

Be sure to visit the financial aid office at your school to see what student loans or private loans are available. Many companies offer programs to help fund grad school, as well. Your employer’s human resources representative might be able to point you in the right direction.

These are just a few of the most practical ways to fund your international travels. The bottom line is that your dreams of globe-trotting might be much more within your reach than you imagined. By taking the first steps to investigate options and possibilities, you might be well on your way to your next trip abroad.

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