3 Things You Need to do in Mykonos

When thinking of a holiday destination there are always a few places that come to mind; Spain, Thailand, France or Amsterdam. Unfortunately, these places are quite cliché, and the experience is shared by thousands, if not millions of tourists and travelers each year. If you are looking for something for original, unique and memorable, then Mykonos is the holiday destination you have been waiting for.

Mykonos is one of the famous Greek islands, said to have formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules, if you believe the mythology. It sits between Syros, Paros, Naxos and Tinos, and is surrounded by an enchantingly blue ocean. It has been transformed to be the perfect holiday destination, offering a little something for everyone. You could go surfing, where lessons are widely available, or play volleyball on the many beaches. There are many other things that you absolutely must do when visiting Mykonos.

Take a cruise around Mykonos

The tiny gem, Mykonos, is found surrounded by the Aegean Sea, and is inhabited by around 11,000 people. The tourism industry in Mykonos has exploded and aims to take advantage of every opportunity the island provides, including the sea.

As such there are plenty of Mykonos cruises or day and night sailing trips to be taken when visiting the island. Some of the most popular sailing trips involve sailing around the islands of Rheina and Delos, as well as providing you with the opportunity to snorkel in the coves around the islands, with a multicourse Greek meal to be eaten on board. These sailing trips usually cost between $170 to $220, but could be more or less depending on the activities offered.

Other popular cruises include 7-night accommodation, breakfast buffets and travel from Mykonos to Santorini and 6 islands on the way. These cruises tend to cost around $200 per person.

Visit Matoyianni Street

The one place you will need to visit when in Mykonos is Matoyianni Street. There is a lot to do in the pebbled streets, and any tourist can find something worth buying. For those wanting to do shopping, there are designer boutiques, such as Soho-Soho, which are visited by many celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Hanks and many more.

There are souvenir shops, jewelry shops and shops that sell handmade products. Delos Dolphins, Minas and LALAoUNIS are among the most popular jewelry stores that must be visited. For those who are looking for something to eat, the streets are littered with restaurants which can be found around every corner, selling tantalizing, traditional Greek cuisine.

Pantopoleion is a 300-year-old store that sells local handmade products, cosmetics and organic Greek food, and visiting it is a treat within itself. When the sun goes down, the nightlife in Mykonos begins on Matoyianni Street, and there’s no need to limit yourself to one bar or nightclub, as each offers something different, from electro to Greek to pop music there is definitely something for everyone.

Discover historical buildings

Greece is known for its rich culture and interesting history, which is why its essential for you to discover and visit the historical buildings found around Mykonos. There are many historical buildings to see, such as the Paraportiani Church which was built over 500 years ago.

Although there are many churches to be found scattered across Mykonos, the Paraportiani Church is a national monument and is a perfect example of Cycladic architecture.

Another historical building to see is the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani which was built over 400 years ago. It is located a little distance away from Mykonos, but it is worth the short travel to see the impressive Cycladic architecture and ornate marble fountain.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your trip

Taking a cruise around Mykonos, which will give you the opportunity to see and visit the surrounding islands is an inexpensive way to make the most of your vacation. Having dinner during a sailing trip on the Aegean Sea, and snorkeling in the coves around the mythical island of Delos will be unforgettable.

If you want to live it up after a long day of shopping on Matoyianni Street, then there are plenty of bars and clubs available when the sun sets. For aspiring photographers, there are plenty of historical buildings and beautiful Cycladic architecture to discover.

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