3 of the Best Natural Landmarks to Visit in Iceland

volcano-1644524_640With its almost lunar-like, unusual landscape and contrasting temperatures, Iceland has long been dubbed the land of fire and ice. In recent years, the country has become popular for its people and their attitude, when the government jailed corrupt bankers. Icelanders are warm, friendly, and enjoy a tipple.

Riven with lava fields and scattered with picturesque houses, the country has a diverse and incomparable landscape, which sits under neon skies. Its main population dwells within the stunning capital of Reykjavík, which harnesses its geothermal power to heat the shopping streets in winter, keeping kids safe, even if they are begging for a colouring set from Tiger. In terms of easy access, visiting Iceland can be made simple, as most of its main attractions can be reached within an hour or two of its capital. Three of the most outstanding are listed here.


As its name suggests, this is a massive geyser which is highly active. It naturally builds up pressure and a surge of hot water spurts into the air up to 70 meters above. This happens every few minutes, so you are guaranteed a show when in Geysir, which sits very close to Gulfoss and is always included as part of Exodus’s Iceland Adventure Tours of the Golden Circle.


waterfall-1989476_640A stunning, 32 meter waterfall, Gulfoss is part of Iceland’s Hvítá River. Consisting of two waterfalls at 90 degree angles to each other, it is a unique and synonymous icon of Iceland, which also makes up part of the Golden Circle. In summer, its fast flow and stunning surroundings make it an interesting visit, whereas seeing it frozen and listening the ice try to wend its way down in winter is unforgettable.

The Blue Lagoon

No trip to Iceland would be complete without a trip to this naturally occurring mineral spa and hot pool. Just moments from Reykjavik, you can hop on a plane and be relaxing in its mineral rich waters within just a few hours from home. Swathes of tourists will be following suit, and yet there are parts of the surroundings that offer real peace and remoteness.

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