3 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Staycation Over a Vacation

The UK summer might be coming to a close for another year, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more holiday opportunities to take before the end of 2019.

Whether you are tied into October half term holiday dates or are more flexible to take time off outside of the usual periods, it’s time to start planning your last few remaining days of annual leave.

But taking annual leave doesn’t mean you have to jet off to somewhere remote and far away — staycations in the UK are becoming increasingly popular.

Here we look at 3 reasons to stay clear of the airport this autumn.

Save on travel costs

According to 2018 stats, the average family vacation costs £2,417 and lasts around nine days. And this figure is only an average, with many people shelling out much more than this for flights, airport transfers or hire cars, accommodation, day trips and eating out.

Although many people feel that their holiday spend is well worth the investment for those life-long memories and precious family time, there are also those who struggle to afford such trips, or who feel that spending time with loved ones shouldn’t cost the earth.

By taking a staycation, you instantly save money that would’ve been spent on flights, transfers and car hire. You may still have to spend on train fares or fuel for your car, but this will be nowhere near as expensive as it would be if you were travelling to a foreign country. Your travel budget will be much easier to manage and stick to than if you were jetting off abroad.

Experience more of the UK

Whether you choose to stay at home for your staycation and just go for days out, or venture further afield in the UK to find a nice cosy country cottage or a slick city hotel, you will have the chance to see your home country in a whole new light.

Even though you may have lived in the UK for many years, or even your whole life, there are bound to be places, museums, parks, stately homes, galleries, restaurants and bars that you have never visited or even heard of before. For example, you can explore Northern Ireland and its famous landmarks or experience England’s food and culture.

By taking a staycation, you are opening yourself up to discover more of your homeland than you might have imagined was even there.

The British coastline is beautiful, whatever the season, and whether it’s fossil hunting, crabbing or rock pooling, you are sure to have as much fun by the sea as you would have on faraway shores.

Lower your carbon footprint

Travelling by plane over a distance of 1.37 miles releases 1KG of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So, imagine what that equates to on a 3,450-mile flight from London to Florida!

By simply eliminating air travel from your next holiday, you are not only saving time and money, but you are also doing your bit to ensure that your carbon footprint is minimised and that there are less poisonous emissions entering our atmosphere.

With so many benefits of taking a staycation, will you be staying in the UK this autumn/winter?

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