3 Dos for Anyone Traveling To Russia for the First Time

Are you thinking of traveling to Russia for the first time?

That’s great. The country offers plenty of attractions to cater to all manner of tourist tastes.

But there are rules and regulations you may have to follow first. Ensure you do what needs to be done voluntarily when the need arises. It will make your Russian vacation so much more enjoyable.

Here are 3 Dos for anyone traveling to Russia for the first time:

1. Do Get A Local SIM Card

Unless you plan to live in isolation while in Russia, it would be good for you to get a local SIM card as soon as you land in Russia. You will need that card to call people in Russia and abroad. You will also need it to access the internet.

You may not see the need for the SIM card while you are in Moscow, especially within the airport area. But when you leave the city, you will understand the need to go local as far as communication is concerned.

Russia has plenty of facilities that offer free Wi-Fi. But accessing that internet connection will require a local phone number in most cases. That’s where your local SIM card comes in. You can find these cards at railway stations and kiosks within the airport area. Just pay the money and present your ID and voila!

You can use the local phone number to access the Wi-Fi passwords. And then you can communicate with your loved ones back home. You can even use the free internet connection to download Russian translation apps to make navigation within Russia easier.

An added advantage of using local SIM cards while in Russia is the fact that they are cheap. You will spend less money buying internet data using this card. Usually, the cards are prepaid. So, you will be forced to stick to your budget since you will be aware of how much airtime and data you have available in any given period.

2. Do Learn The Basics Of The Cyrillic Script

The Cyrillic Script refers to a writing system that is commonly used in the Eurasian region. Russia is one of the countries in the world that uses this system. And the Russian language is derived from this script.

It would be wise for you to learn at least the basics of the Cyrillic Script before you get to Russia or while you are traveling within the country. Since most of the signs within Russia are in Russian, being able to read the Cyrillic alphabet may help you understand the language better. You will be able to tell where you are. Then you won’t get lost each time you go out on a sightseeing mission.

If you intend to attend religious services while in Russia, learning the Cyrillic script is a very good idea. Many services are still conducted using this system. So, you will be able to keep up with what’s going on.

3. Do Cooperate With The Russian Police When They Stop You

While enjoying your stay in Russia, you may be stopped by the Russian police. These random police checks are usually done for security reasons. And the police have a right to stop anyone to ask for their identification.

The best way to deal with these random checks is to cooperate after you see their ID. Don’t be rude or throw a tantrum. Always carry with you a photocopy of your ID or passport while out and about in Russia. And then present that document when you are asked for it. You should also have at least a photocopy of your visa or residence permit.

Don’t be afraid to travel to Russia simply because you have never been to the country before. If you conduct yourself with dignity, you will be fine. You start by getting a valid visa, which you may need to show proof of while in Russia. And if you need help with the Russian invitation letter that will ensure your visa gets approved, check us out at https://visaexpress.com/russian-invitation-letter/.

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