24 Hours in Pigeon Forge: A Comprehensive Travel Itinerary

Tennessee is immensely popular among tourists. Each year it attracts thousands of nature enthusiasts who can’t get enough of everything Tennessee has to offer. Among many popular destinations in Tennessee, there exists a quaint town nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains known as Pigeon Forge. It is an ideal place for camping, hiking, and reconnecting with nature. So, if you happen to visit Pigeon Forge for twenty-four hours, here’s what you can do to spend a productive day in the town:

1. Find a Place to Rest

Even if you’re visiting a location for merely 24 hours, you need a place to freshen up, rest and enjoy a modicum of luxury. You will need a cozy place where you can leave your luggage and comfortably explore Pigeon Forge without feeling burdened by the weight of the things you carry.

Start by looking for a hotel that suits your budget and offers amenities such as free parking, free wireless internet, personalized toiletries, etc. Make sure to opt for a reputable accommodation provider, such as The Inn on the River. This top hotel in Pigeon Forge offers indoor and outdoor pools along with a family-sized hot tub, allowing you to relax in style while staying under budget. Book with them to start your day off right in Pigeon Forge!

2. Have a Hearty Meal

Whether you are looking to have a delicious breakfast or a warm brunch, you can give famous dining places like Sawyer’s Farmhouse Breakfast a try. Restaurants in the South are not shy with their serving sizes, so you’ll get your appetite’s worth.

Sawyer’s Farmhouse Breakfast has various brunch options, including crepes, Belgian waffles, pancakes, and omelets. If you like having a greasy, hearty meal in the morning, they have you covered. You can also order burgers, sandwiches, and chicken tenders or treat yourself to a healthy serving of mouthwatering French fries!

3. Head Over to The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge is an amusement park. Unlike traditional amusement parks, it is an activity-packed location that offers more than just rides and games. The venue is filled with attractions, shops, and restaurants, along with an impressive 200-foot-tall observation wheel that will give you a bird’s eye view of the island.

Music is also a significant part of The Island in Pigeon Forge. There is always a choral group or live band performing, which makes the atmosphere even better. Additionally, you can explore more than sixty retail and specialty shops, where you can shop till you drop! You can also entertain yourself by participating in arcade games, riding fast-moving amusement park rides, and culminating your visit with a quick meal.

4. Ride the Mass Trolley

If you want a quick view of Pigeon Forge, ride the mass trolley. This transit system allows you to see Pigeon Forge in one go. Instead of trying to find your way around the city on your own, you can rely on these trolleys to give you a tour for a reasonable price. There are more than 200 stops in Pigeon Forge, and if you’re willing to spend a portion of your day learning about Pigeon Forge, ride the trolley. You can also get off anytime you want. So, if you see a shop, monument, or restaurant you want to visit during your ride, you can do so easily.

It is recommended to understand the routes and learn about the operation hours beforehand. Fortunately, there is an application that allows you to study the map extensively, which can facilitate you in the process of picking a route. For example, the North Parkway transit leaves Patriot Park and goes north through Pigeon Forge, and continues to a portion of Sevierville. The route will take you to Governor’s crossing, Walmart, after which the trolley will turn south and return to Patriot Park. The entire journey is roughly 20 minutes long.

5. Shop at The Old Mill Square

The Old Mill Square is one of the oldest sites in Pigeon Forge. If you manage to make your way there, you’ll get a front-seat view into the history of Pigeon Forge. This venue is bordered by Patriot Park and the Little Pigeon River, making it a scenic location. If you’re looking for a quick meal, The Old Mill Square is also home to The Old Mill Restaurant, where you can feast on comfort food and meals that remind you of home.

You can choose from deliciously cooked roasts, corn fritters, and fried steaks. The restaurant operates around the clock, so whether you’re heading in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’ll be waiting to serve you. Additionally, The Old Mill Square bustles with stores where you can purchase unique items like homemade candies, tasty jams, jellies, and pottery you can’t find anywhere else.

6. Ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Before you hit the road, ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. This ride in the Pigeon Forge Wears Valley is highly favored among visitors and is known for its breathtaking views and mountainous ranges. The track for this coaster is a mile long, and the entire ride stretches out about 5,400 feet. It takes eight minutes to get from the top to the bottom.

Final Thoughts

Pigeon Forge is a famous tourist town located in Tennessee. While most people stop by Pigeon Forge to see the Smoky Mountains, the city alone has its own personality. Even if you have as little as a day to spend in Pigeon Forge, there are many activities you can engage in. From eating delicious foods and exploring on the trams to riding fast-moving coasters and shopping locally, you can make the most of your day!

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