19 Perfect Strains for Marijuana Daytime Use

Many cannabis consumers have come across strains that were polar opposites of each other. For example, one day, you may try a strain that lifts your mood, gives you tons of energy, and makes you feel fantastic, while another day, you may try a strain that makes you drowsy and lazy.

This happens because different Marijuana strains have different effects and benefits, so it is essential to know what cannabis strain is right for your needs. The last thing anyone wants is to consume cannabis before work with the expectation of becoming energized but feeling tired instead.

Here we are going to break down the different strains, terpenes, and list the 19 perfect strains for Marijuana daytime use, so keep reading to find out more.

Cannabis Strain Origination

Evidence shows that the cannabis plant has been used globally for over 10,000 years. Ancient cultures used the plant’s hemp for medicinal purposes, produced goods, and spiritual practices. Cannabis is believed to have originated in the three main geographical locations of Eastern Asia, India, and Russia. Because of the vast difference in climate, each region’s cannabis had its own characteristics and benefits. These different cannabis plants would give us the three main strains that we know of today: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis.

Strains and Their Benefits

Indica- Indica is traced back to India and is a short and stocky plant with bushy green leaves. Indica is mainly used for relaxation, promoting sleep, pain, nausea, increasing appetite, and achieving a “body high.”

Sativa- Sativa is traced back to Eastern Asia and is a tall, thin plant with slender leaves. Sativa is mainly used for increased energy, productivity, creativity, increased focus, and achieving a “head high.”

Ruderalis-Ruderalis is traced back to Russia and is a small, wiry plant with few leaves. Ruderalis is the original hybrid plant and is mainly used for relaxation, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and lowering blood pressure.

When we refer to different marijuana strains like “white walker,” we refer to one of the thousands of sub-strains. Over many millennia, sub-strains have been cross-bred to amplify specific cannabinoids and terpene levels found in the main strains. Here you can find more information on how cross-breeding works.

What makes a strain suitable for daytime?

Sativa dominant strains are best for daytime use. What makes Sativa good for the day are the “daytime” terpenes that are predominantly found in the plant. The main daytime terpenes are Limonene, Terpineol, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene, and each has qualities that pair nicely with being awake.

Limonene- This terpene increases energy levels, is relaxing, and improves attention.

Terpineol- This terpene relieves pain, boosts mood, and reduces stress.

Alpha-Pinene- This terpene promotes vigilance, memory retention and boosts energy levels.

Beta-Caryophyllene- This terpene is relaxing, boosts mood, and promotes creativity.

The 19 Best Marijuana strains for daytime use

Now that you have learned which strains and terpenes are best for the daytime, I am sure you are ready to cut to the chase and find out which sub-strains contain these daytime qualities. Here are the top 19 strains that can help boost energy, mood, focus, and more.

    1. Lemon Kush- THC level- %21- Creativity, energetic, happiness, uplifting
    2. Lemon Haze- THC level- %25- Creativity, energetic, euphoric, calming
    3. Jack the Ripper- THC level- %17- Happy, sedated, euphoric
    4. Jack Herer- THC level- %21- Tingly, happy, euphoric
    5. Super Silver Haze- THC level- %20.5- Happy, Energetic, creativity
    6. Citral Skunk- THC level- %20- Uplifting, euphoric, energetic
    7. Dutch Treat- THC level- %24- Tingly, euphoric, happy
    8. Green Crack Extreme – THC level- %24- Happy, uplifting, euphoric
    9. Candyland- THC level- %20- Happy, energetic, creative
    10. Cannatonic- THC level- %7- Relaxed, uplifted, tingly
    11. Blue Dream- THC level- %17- Hungry, happy, euphoric
    12. Green Candy- THC level- %24- Energetic, Happy, Relaxed
    13. Jillybean- THC level- %17- Hungry, social, euphoric
    14. Raspberry Cough- THC level- %24 – Happy, social, uplifted
    15. Amnesia Haze- THC level- %21- Happy, euphoric, uplifted
    16. Ghost Train Haze- THC level- %25- Happy, euphoric, hungry
    17. Durban Poison- THC level- %21.5- Uplifted, creative, energetic
    18. Pineapple Express- THC level- %21- Happy, uplifted, Creative
    19. Purple Haze- THC level- %17.5- Creative, euphoric, happy

These are only some of the great strains to consume during the day, and here you can find even more information from Veriheal. However, this is a great list to start with, so head over to your local dispensary and start shopping!

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