10 Destinations to Travel After the Pandemic

Now that COVID is finally slowing down and vaccinations are on the rise, people have started taking tentative steps to arrange to travel again! The whole world feels in reach again, even if travel restrictions have not entirely been lifted yet. In most countries travel is expected to open incrementally rather than all at once. We will see some countries loosening restrictions early on and others late to follow. At your destination, attractions and local protocols will change in phases too. It is important to remember that even if you are vaccinated, not everyone will be when you arrive at your destination.

You may know precisely where you want to go, with previously cancelled trips rebooked or bucket list trips that seem more urgent after witnessing a global health crisis. But, others, you may not know where to start. So, here are some destinations that may make it hard narrowing the list but at least give you a place to start!


We already know that Egypt has been on the bucket list of every traveller all over the globe. Everyone will have the chance to enjoy an incredible collection of monuments, artefacts, and immortal treasures that date back to more than 5000 years, taste the delicious cuisines and try some entertaining activities like a Nile Cruise that can only be found in Egypt. Egypt tours are there to be enjoyed, landmarks are charming, and the trip itself is affordable!


This Mediterranean Country has it all – beautiful beaches, exquisite food, lovely people, history and culture. From top tier destinations such as Mykonos to quiet authentic mountain villages, there’s something to appeal to every type of traveller. Due to its reasonably southern location on the Mediterranean, Greece is blessed with fantastic weather during the spring, summer and autumn months. The food itself, probably one of the most underestimated parts of holidaying there, is divine! The fresh fruits are beautiful, the meat is exceptional, and the vegetables have taste!


Culture, beauty, food, history, this small European country has it all, and the reasons to visit Italy are endless. Thanks to its vast cultural heritage, the places to visit in Italy can keep you busy for a lifetime of thousands of years of history. The world’s highest ratio of artwork per capita and one of the most romantic languages is not enough to make you decide why you should visit Italy. Alongside a vast cultural diversity, you will also find a great variety of natural landscapes in Italy. Despite being a small country, it boasts an incredible variety of natural landscapes: in one region, you have stunning beaches (Sardinia), in one mighty mountain peak that attracts ski fans all winter (Trentino Alto Adige, Piedmont or Friuli Venezia Giulia).


According to the biennial World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India ranks 10th best for “price competitiveness”. Luxurious accommodation is relatively affordable, eating out costs very little indeed, and you can get around the country by train for peanuts. Perhaps no other country can offer the range of cuisine that India does. There’s no such thing as typical Indian food; from Kerala to Kolkata, there’s a smorgasbord of fabulous regional dishes to be discovered, beyond the familiar favourites of chicken tikka masala, rogan josh, malai kofta and tandoori butter naan!


Germany has firmly established itself as a first-rate travel destination; it has so much more than meets the eye. Germany’s multitude of regional identities offers a cornucopia of distinct experiences to meet all kinds of expectations and suit all possible tastes. Whatever it is you fancy: beautiful scenery, great architecture, lively festivals, glamorous events, exciting nightlife, delicious food and the best beer ever – Germany has it all and more. You can also kick back and relax as you take in the mesmerizing beauty of the German Countryside with its captivating landscapes, elegant old castles perched on the nearby hilltops, and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see.

Czech Republic

With castles, great beer, and unique cultural and historical sights on its side, the Czech Republic certainly deserves to be explored. The Czech Republic has the most significant density of castles in all of Europe. There are over 2,000 castles around the country – some in perfect condition, some that are just ruins. The world’s largest castle complex is in Prague, and the country is also home to some of the oldest castles in the world: both Karlštejn Castle and the Trotsky Castle ruins were initially built in the 1300s. This small city located about 90 minutes away from Prague is most famous for being home to the Sedlec Ossuary (a.k.a. Bone Church). The ossuary is a small chapel that contains the bones of somewhere between 40,000-70,000 people – bones that have been used to decorate the walls, create chandeliers, and even a coat of arms. The Czech Republic might be known as “beer country,” but the Moravian region is also a prime producer of fine wine.

South Korea

While South Korea might not yet be the number one travel destination for many around the world, there are ample reasons why you should visit the country of the morning calm on your next vacation. Due to their long history, South Koreans have a variety of traditions they have kept alive throughout centuries. Still today, you can watch traditional Korean dance and music performances. South Korea has a long history dating back over a thousand years. Due to the natural isolation of the Korean Peninsula, the country’s culture hasn’t changed as much as in other regions. Still today, you can stand in awe of some of the country’s most significant cultural heritage sites, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace situated in Seoul. In contrast to its historic landmarks, South Korea is a pioneer in creating new and innovative structures. For example, looking at Seoul, you are surrounded by futuristic buildings in one part of the city, such as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza by Zaha Hadid.


Singapore packs a surprisingly massive number of attractions: verdant parks, world-class zoos, luxurious hotels, historical structures, and deliciously cheap eats. Singapore’s currently building the future from both glass and greenery. The city-state is presently undergoing a radical transformation into a futuristic “garden city”, with its most visible example in Marina Bay. Leave the built-up areas behind, and you’ll find a network of parks that spans the island, adding to a green cover that makes up about 46 per cent of the country. Keep your credit card under lock and key when you visit Singapore because you’ll be sorely tempted to go on a shopping rampage. The shopping scene in Singapore is cunningly designed to efficiently part you from your money: shopping centres in Orchard and Marina Bay are connected mainly by underground passageways to the MRT. In addition, the annual Great Singapore Sale slashes prices to bargain levels island-wide!


Spain does have it all, from incredible landscapes and beaches to world-famous cuisine and rich history – not to mention fantastic museums and striking architecture. From its rich Moorish past and its position as the world superpower during the Golden Age to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, dictatorship and the country’s triumphant return to democracy, Spain has a fascinating history that is well-preserved in its buildings and museums. In addition, Spain is home to some beautiful islands, from the party isle of Ibiza and the volcanic landscapes of Tenerife to the peaceful Menorca and Graciosa in the Canary Islands, where the streets are made entirely of sand.


Japan has the perfect mix of culture, history and modern comfort. And let’s not forget the fantastic food they have! Japan is a unique country, and even though you might have an image of how it will be, this beautiful country will still surprise you! Furthermore, Japan is one of the safest countries to travel to in the world. According to Worldatlas.com, Japan was in the top 10 of the World’s Safest Countries in 2017. During your visit to Japan, you can learn a lot about the history by visiting castles, temples, shrines and more. Especially Kyoto is a perfect destination if you want to experience ancient Japanese culture. Or you can or share a ride on the lightning-fast Shinkansen trains and the opportunity to take a dip in an Onsen hot spring.

Hopefully, this list has helped you think about where to travel post-pandemic! COVID-19 may have brought the world to an abrupt standstill, but even shuttered borders and grounded planes shouldn’t stop voracious globetrotters from getting their wanderlust fix. Given the unpredictability of the coronavirus outbreak, postponements are a possibility. The best way to protect your vacation at this time is to remain as flexible as possible; it is essential to take measures to protect your health. When the time comes to take off, consult official government guidelines and local news sources for up-to-date safety conditions for the destination you plan to visit.

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