10 Best Destinations To Travel Alone As A Woman

2019 is almost here, and many people are getting their travel plans ready. Planning a trip as a solo woman can feel daunting, but travelling alone comes with a host of benefits and advantages! Travelling alone as a woman is freeing and gives you the perfect opportunity to explore your interests.

Here are our top 10 best destinations to visit on your next trip!


Australia is known for its laid-back, friendly and open culture, making it the ideal place for women looking to explore on your next vacation!

From the perfect beaches of the Golden Coast to the buzzing atmosphere in Sydney, Australia is a dynamic country with lots to offer. Take the time to explore the food scene, or venture out into the countryside for some of the best hiking in the world.


Known as the top country in the world for gender equality, Iceland is an equally female-friendly place to visit on holiday! Iceland has been an increasingly popular tourist destination recently, and for good reason.

Iceland is home to many geological and natural wonders, from volcanoes to geysers to hot springs. You can also catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Iceland, or go whale-spotting.


Mexico is world-famous for its culture of hospitality and warmth, especially towards tourists. Female travellers will find plenty of locals willing to help you out during your holiday.

While you’re there, be sure to take Cabo tours and to  the various different food specialties.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is often an overlooked country when it comes to European tourism. Home to incredible cities like Amsterdam, The Netherlands offers a great cultural experience for solo female travellers.

Once you get outside of Amsterdam, visit some of the local windmills and marvel at the architectural ingenuity of the Dutch. Don’t miss out on the chocolate either!

New Zealand

Often passed over for its big brother Australia, New Zealand is a stunning travel destination that every woman should consider going to. The locals are famously friendly to tourists and as a country New Zealand is very gender-equal.

From the stunning natural scenery to the fascinating history of the Maori people, New Zealand has something for every traveller.

South Carolina, USA

South Carolina is an underrated state to visit. It has history and culture in the towns of Charleston and Columbia existing right beside beautiful Atlantic beaches! Explore and experience U.S culture from a different perspective.


France, an early front-runner in womens’ rights, appears on this list because of its classy, romantic cities, natural beauty and fascinating history.

From Paris to Carcassonne- France has history, culture and plenty to explore all over the country.


Dynamic but still sophisticated, Singapore has a unique contrast between the bustling city and the surrounding jungle. Singapore’s charm lies in its messy, inconsistent colonial history that has given it a jumble of different cultures existing side by side.

With plenty of hiking, biking and markets to wander through, Singapore should be on any solo women’s travel bucket list.


This tiny country recently burst onto the tourism scene due to its overall Instagram-worthiness, but don’t be fooled. Malta packs a strong punch as a travel destination.

You’ll find prehistoric temples, swim in pristine waters, go scuba diving in hidden coves and watch the dazzling sea from sweeping cliffs.


Last but not least, Ireland should be on your travel bucket list for sure! Ireland has a magical quality to it that will capture your heart.

From exploring ancient cathedrals and castles to going on a brewery tour, the Irish culture is rich and varied with plenty of interest for visitors. Furthermore, Ireland is consistently ranked in the top 20 most beautiful countries in the world!

With these travel destinations, travelling alone as a woman will be an absolute joy- so what are you waiting for?

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