10 Best Destinations to Travel After a Divroce

Well done! You survived your divorce proceedings and have come out of the storm! Divorce is extremely stressful. Emotionally you might feel exhausted and just want a break.  A divorce could leave you feeling broken, and you might need some space to heal. Sometimes a change of scenery could be exactly what you need to recuperate. After all, you started your marriage with a honeymoon, it would be fitting to end it with a “start-anew-moon”.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation, onlinedivorce.com shares 18 best destinations to travel after a divorce!

1. Ireland

There is a reason why so many movies are set in Ireland. Not only is Ireland breathtakingly beautiful, but it is really safe. Green, rolling hills, old castles, cozy pubs and quaint cottages. The Irish are known for their hospitality and friendly spirit. It could be the perfect place to make new friends and find yourself. If you are a history buff then Ireland is for you. Immerse yourself in tales of knights, gorgeous architecture, and ancient rituals of people of old. Dublin is also a great place to see. You can enjoy the pub culture and just have fun, which is exactly what you need after a stressful time.

2. Thailand

If you are interested in a partying vibe, then Thailand is the place to go. Phuket is like a constant New Year’s Eve party. Besides the great party vibe, the shopping is fabulous! Thailand can provide a real beach holiday with an air of excitement. Thailand is also known for being cheap and affordable. If you are not so keen on partying, then taking a trip to Phi Phi Island is also an incredible experience. Laze on hammocks whilst watching the ocean and sipping cocktails. Many of the seaside resorts offer spas that are guaranteed to help you unwind. There is also snorkeling and scuba diving for the more adventurous at heart. If you want to experience a little bit of everything, then Thailand is an interesting and different place to see after your divorce.

3. Costa Rica

Wild, rugged jungles and exquisite scenery, Costa Rica is a favorite for many divorcees. It’s not that far from America either, if you don’t want to travel halfway across the world. Costa Rica is also a favorite for many who have just gotten divorced because it’s really affordable. This is a great option if your divorce drained your pockets. The hotels, restaurants, and delicious street food are really cheap. Costa Rica is also a wonderful vacation for nature lovers. There is so much to see. You can hike jungles and rainforests, or laze on the sunny beaches. One thing is for sure though, Costa Rica will help your soul find peace.

4. The Bahamas

White sand beaches, sun, and fun. The Bahamas are a gorgeous place to go. 5 Star resorts can help you relax and unwind, with awesome spas, and luxurious rooms. Some hotels even offer divorce packages. Be sure to look around for some great deals.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

If you want some adventure, be sure to check out Cape Town. Known for its superb vineyards and exceptional scenery, you will be sure to fall in love with this diverse city. Be sure to make friends along the way; South Africa is a beautiful place, but you need to keep safe. If you would like to go cave diving with Great White sharks or walk with lions and elephants, then Cape Town is the place to go. South Africa is known for its vast variety of wildlife. So if you love animals, then be sure to see this beautiful country. Cape Town is also rich in history. You can take a ferry to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. If you are not so keen on wild adventures, you can also treat yourself to fine dining, spas, and delicious wine tastings.

6. Rome

Delicious food, fine art, ancient history. Rome has a little bit of everything. There is something special about being in a place that has so much history. It makes you realize how fleeting things are in life. This can help you heal in the sense that, whatever pain you are feeling now, will pass eventually. Rome is also known for romance, so if you are interested in having a bit of a holiday fling, this could be the place to do so.

7. New York

If you would rather not venture too far from home, New York could be for you. The city that never sleeps will entertain you all night long. Restaurants, fabulous shopping, theaters, street performers and so much more. Make sure to have a leisurely stroll in  Grand Central Park. This could be a great place to find yourself in a city full of people.

 8. Greece

Greece is a magical place. Something about this remarkable country brings out a primal wildness in a person. The ancient history, tasty food, and hospitable people can really make a person feel at home. There is so much to explore in Greece. Boasting a rich culture, Greece is a place to get lost in. You could choose to visit the exquisite islands or drive more north to explore the mountains and rural villages.

9. Paris

Even though Paris is known as the city of love, it’s still a gorgeous place to explore after a breakup. If you have ever wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame, then now is the time to go. Explore cobbled streets, and quaint cafes, as you enjoy a yummy chocolate croissant. There is so much to do in Paris, that you won’t have time to even think about your ex.

10. Switzerland

If you are scared to travel alone and want to go somewhere super safe, then be sure to go to Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. Be blown away by majestic mountains, and incredible forests. The swiss are also lovely people who will help you feel at home. If you are a chocolate enthusiast you will love visiting this gorgeous place.

Choose a place that speaks to your soul

There are so many beautiful places around the world to see, that it’s impossible to mention them all. Many who have just been through a divorce love seeing these magical places. If you need time to heal and find yourself again, be sure to check out these top 10 destinations after your divorce.

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