10 Best Books about Gambling

If you gamble or bet on sports, it’s crucial to increase your knowledge in these areas, including reading relevant literature. Even Maria Konnikova and Daniel Negreanu read gambling-themed books. And even the University of Massachusetts team, which has been successfully beating casinos for several years, has also been guided by thematic literature. Even if you just play Canadian dollar live casino from time to time and don’t expect to win big, you’ll find our selection useful.

1. Bringing out the House

A book dedicated to the very guys at MIT who decided to capitalize on their knowledge in casinos. Under a professor’s guidance, five students created their blackjack card-counting strategy that allowed them to gain an advantage and use it successfully for a long time, winning a total of $10 million. The book tells their story, mixed with funny and amusing moments.

2. The biggest bluff

Maria Konnikova became popular after she successfully entered the world of professional poker based on her knowledge of psychology. She has written several books about her journey that reveal tips for those who want to repeat it.

Maria’s total winnings at the time of writing were over $300,000, but the amount continues to increase every month, as she is a current player.

Notably, poker is only one hobby that Maria pursues. It is not at all the main way of earning money for the girl.

3. Fortune’s Formula

This book is not about gambling but about success and how to achieve it. It tells the story of Bell, Warren Buffett, and Claude Shannon’s phone company with John L. Kelly.

It basically tells the story that no matter what you do, success can be achieved in no time if you do it right.

4. Soccernomics

Simon Cooper wrote this book during the 2018 World Cup. In it, he describes his actions in trying to make money from sports betting. It argues that every sports match is a unique event that needs to be studied and analyzed individually, which is hard to argue with.

5. A man for all markets

One of the best books for those who want to get an in-depth knowledge of the world of gambling. The book tells the story of a scientist and mathematician who learned to count cards in blackjack and give accurate predictions of stock quotes.

The book motivates you to learn, learn new things and move towards your goal despite all the difficulties.

6. The greatest gambling story ever told

A book whose title speaks for itself. The author mainly concentrates on horse racing, recounting his three years of experience in the field. Some think the book is fiction, but most of the gambling community believes the story of three guys who made money from horse racing and then confronted a Mexican cartel.

7. Thinking in Bets

A true masterpiece from Annie Duke detailing how to effectively bet on sports and to think through and anticipate all the odds and outcomes as much as possible. The great thing about this book is that it looks at gambling from the perspective of psychology, strategy, business, and human behavioral elements.

8. The confidence game

Another book from the wonderful Maria Konnikova also deals with poker. It can be described in one sentence: “If a friend offers you the opportunity of a lifetime, you have to be 100% sure it’s worth it before you get involved.”

The book contains no direct instructions or inducements to action. It just talks about how difficult the path of advancement in poker from amateur to professional is.

9. Molly’s Game

The book, written by Molly Bloom, tells the author’s true story of success at the poker table. According to the author, during her career, she has faced the Russian Mafia, various criminals, and freaks, as well as casino owners not wanting to give her her winnings. But she always managed to get away with it thanks to her knowledge of psychology and communication with people.

10. Trading Bases

Joe Peta was a successful Wall Street broker, but that didn’t stop him from dropping everything to move into the world of fantasy baseball and forecasting games. That’s what he talks about in his book. It also explains that it is possible to achieve results in such fields without an education, but it will be much more difficult to do so than with one.

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